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PF2E New Skill Feats

Skills feats are one of the new innovations in Pathfinder Second Edition. Thanks to them you can now use skills to produce astounding effects—like the ones presented here by Carl Cramér over on TRAILseeker, the PF2 Patreon! From "Brachiate" to "Tie Up", these 11 feats will add to your players' (and NPCs') arsenal! Illustrated by Xanditz.


Other recent Pathfinder 2 items on TRAILseeker:
  • Stranded on Faraway Island. If you're dying to try Pathfinder Second Edition out, here's something perfect for you! You have the rules, you have the players (ideally your friends): the only thing that's missing is an adventure—and here's one for you! Concise, action-packed, and open-ended, "Stranded on Faraway Island" is perfect for the needs of a GM who wants to read less and run more! Written by Jeff Gomez and illustrated by Xanditz.​
  • New Skill Uses. Skills in Pathfinder Second Edition are solid and extremely flexible, including many of its most common uses—but not all of them! Carl Cramér brings us new and updated uses for Athletics, Crafting, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Survival, and Thievery! Illustrated by Marcel Budde.​
  • Grunk Ancestry. Who wouldn't want to play with a giant fungus-humanoid hybrid, with big bodies and even bigger hearts? If you like this pitch, then the Grunk is perfect for you! The first new ancestry for Pathfinder Second Edition published here in TRAILseeker! Written by Jeff Gomez and Illustrated by Mike Tenebrae.​
  • Mama Bear's Revenge . After the accidental death of a bear cub, Fanghort the Druid went into the forest to make amends. Now, the lumberjacks are under organized attack from woodland creatures— and all of them talk. An adventure for character levels 1-2.
  • Where Dragons Fall. Only fools bargain with the mightiest of dragons, and only the arrogant believe they can outwit such ancient creatures. With the benefit of hindsight, most people see Celian Eyre, Baron of Crimson Landing, as a very arrogant fool. But for a short period of time, he held one of the mightiest wyrms that ever existed imprisoned beneath his castle, harvesting riches from the dragon’s carapace. Many believe that this deed made him akin to a god. A location, with the Fire Marsh and Parade of the Damned hazards, plus two dragon-themed magic items.
  • Start At The Beginning . A 1st-level Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook character may seem inexperienced, but she has already seen and done many things to get to this point. She may have trained in combat, studied arcane lore, or explored the mysteries of the divine. But what happened before she became an adventurer?
  • Strange Backgrounds . Adventurers rarely have simple origin stories. Use the following backgrounds to generate a stranger subtext for your character, and ponder the questions contained within. Choose from Arcane Experiment, Amnestic, Cultist, Escaped Lunatic, Fallen Noble, False God, Feral, Goblin Abductee, Hero's Child, Mad Doctor, Planar Outcast, Professor, Runaway, Villain Spawn, and Willing Sacrifice.
Russ Morrissey


Angel Tarragon

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I am always looking for new ways to use skills in Pathfinder, will be nabbing this one when it goes up on DrivethruRPG!


Well, that was fun
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I am always looking for new ways to use skills in Pathfinder, will be nabbing this one when it goes up on DrivethruRPG!
There are no plans to put TRAILseeker articles on DTRPG. You'll need to grab it from the Patreon.

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