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WOIN [NEW] Starship Construction rules for Class 0 ships?


I noticed that the interactive starship construction tool has some mS* items matching those mentioned in the Starship Recognition Manual, but I don't see the rules for those in the Starship Construction Manual v1.1 or in the NEW v1.2 base rules; is there a source for these items?

How does superstructure work for Class 0 ships? The construction tool seems to have trouble with the math there (NaN), and I can't find any written rules to explain it. I've been trying to design a shuttle, and even following the Skylark examples I'm not getting the same numbers. Several other systems seem to multiply or divide by Class, too...

How do crew and passengers work with shuttles? Crew still take up 2 CU, but passengers only take up 0.1CU if they just get a seat? If I turn a Skylark MK I into a space-bus, can I just add 70 more seats in the 7.6 CU remaining? (You know, for short trips. It doesn't need to be too comfy.)

I noticed the MK I is listed with 6 passengers, but the MK II with the same 6 seats lists 0 passengers. The tool counts all passengers as 2 CU, so I'm guessing we just don't mention them?

Another mathematical oddity (not Class 0 related) in the Class VI prison transport I designed, adding brig for 200 people really messes with the Luxury; my dirty rust bucket full of <strike>scum</strike> PCs thinks it's decadent... =]

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Just a tourist passing your way...
I remember something about class 0 ships at eons some time ago; I don't specifically know if it also brought building guidelines with it.
Also, don't expect premades in WOIN fitting the building guidelines - they mostly don't. Sadly. As GM I take building guidelines in WOIN as what they get called - guidelines, not strict rules. They help getting an idea for it without needing too many time for calculating how big hyperdrives for death stars should be, but you will go better if you use them while doing as you like. You get boundaries and guides and if you completely ignore it things could get awkward (like Tardis from Doctor Who, for example), but if you want a 70 seat space bus and imagine it fitting within the skylark, just do it ;-)


It was in Eons #54 "Small Ships". It's also available at the EN World Store.
Thanks, that's really helpful!

I totally don't understand the cargo capacity column, though. Both class 0-I and 0-II have 1% listed, and the instructions don't really have enough words:

"Once cargo capacity in tons has been determined, multiply it by the percentage in the Cargo column on the hull class table."

If I want 50 tons of cargo capacity, I multiply it by 1% to get 0.5. What is that number for? I feel like at least a whole sentence is missing here, and the samples don't help to clarify the process:

The sample class 0-I ship has 7.6 CU available and calculates 3.8 tons. (3.8*2.0=7.6 but I don't know where the 1% comes in.) The sample class 0-II ship has only 4.8 CU available but calculates 24 tons. (24*0.2=4.8 and still no 1%)

Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a ship designer? =]

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