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D&D 5E New Storm King's Thunder minis on the way


Hey all,

According to ivc2.com, WizKids is going to be releasing some new / remodeled minis for the Storm King's Thunder adventure next year.

Like they did with the special Curse of Strahd minis, all but one of the new minis is a named NPC and will be included in one of three non-random collector boxes. Each box is due to retail for US$89.99, so that's about US$270 if you want all three boxes.

The minis are:
  1. A new King Hekaton
  2. Queen Neri
  3. Eigoron's Ghost
  4. Princess Nym
  5. Princess Serissa
  6. Princess Mirran
  7. A new Iymrith (storm giant form)
  8. Zephyros
  9. A new Harshnag
  10. Xolkin Alassandar
  11. Kella Darkhope
  12. Lord Khaspere Drylund
  13. Pow Ming
  14. Yalkfolk Warrior
You can see some pictures here: WizKids Unveils 'D&D Icons of the Realms: Storm King's Thunder'

Do you think this means that WotC might be looking at re-releasing Storm King's Thunder in a deluxe box format, like they did with Curse of Strahd? If yes, what changes / additions do you think they might make to the adventure? What extras might they include in the box?

Let the speculation begin!
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Storm King's Thunder part 2 is the new campaign world. The announcement is coming May 17th. Otherwise I cannot think of anything for the why are they doing this now.


They're also releasing two sets of Saltmarsh minis, so given D&D's ongoing growth in popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if they went back and released sets for all of their previously published adventures. Some people (like me!) have yet to play/run them and having cool minis for specific characters may improve sales of older products.

EDIT: That said, I think only the most popular campaigns are likely to get the deluxe WotC "revamped" treatment. But who knows, maybe Beadles and Grimm will issue deluxe products for all previously published adventures? As with minis, we know that Ghosts of Saltmarsh is also getting the B&G treatment (nothing on the scale of CoS, though).
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