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New update on Monster Workbench!

Hey everyone,

The POP-UP Dungeons beta in my app Monster Workbench has ended and is now live. Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback! As always my software is free and can be used offline. :)

All dungeons have voiced over bosses, sound effects, unique traps and riddles, maps and detailed stories! There are now 3 complete dungeons;

The Jesters Knot, an evil circus filled with riddles run by a demonic clown
An epic sea or air ship battle being pillaged by a band of ruthless goblins
The Dread Tombs filled with the undead and spirit of the dread emperor himself


*This app only contains SRD Content, so not all the monsters, spells and content are available.

WINDOWS ONLY Sorry Linux and Mac :(

MONSTER WORKBENCH: Dungeon Master Toolkit for D&D 5th edition.

  • Complete dice roller with customizable modifiers.
  • Intuitive system for single and multi monster combat.
  • Voice Assistant to guide you as your play.
  • Forge your own Spells, Monsters and Items.
  • Detailed Compendium and Item Shop with multiple filters.
  • Random Name Generator for Multiple Races, Artifacts and Locations.
  • Browse our collection of 200+ custom Monsters, Spells and Magic Items.
  • Inn Creator with patrons, consumables and events.
  • Track Player AC, Conditions, and Initiative. (Supports up to 9 party members).
  • Automatic EXP calculator based on monster kills.
  • Unlimited Save Slots, No Ads, No Micro Transactions, 100% Free!

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The dark one :)
Hi, kaspersky gives me the following warning when trying the app

pdm exploit win32 generic

Player workbench don't give any warning though