Sale New websites for adventure paths; and more on sexism in D&D Next? Plus big OSR sale!

[h=3]New Websites for War of the Burning Sky and ZEITGEIST[/h]
We have brand new websites for our two adventure paths:
Both sites contain free intro packs, trailers, and resources.

[h=3]Dungeons & Dragons News[/h]
  • Demonic Cults by James Wyatt -- "James presents three cults and asks you some questions about them. Come read up on Demogorgon, Baphomet, and Graz'zt."
  • D&D Next Q&A -- "You've got questions—we've got answers! Here's how it works—each week, our Community Manager scours all available sources to find whatever D&D Next questions you're asking. This week: Subclass Basics, Subclass Customizing & Non-Vancian Subclass Options."
  • Gen Con Registration -- "Event Registration for Gen Con opens May 19th at Noon (Eastern). In advance of registration, we wanted to offer an early look at the D&D events, seminars and gaming taking place at the con!"

[h=3]Community News[/h]

[h=3]Other News[/h]
  • Storyteller Cards is a Kickstarter for "a playing deck to inspire creativity". "Storyteller Cards are a creative toolkit in the form of a deck of 54 playing cards. Each card features many elements to push your imaginary limits. There is an illustration of a character, doing an action, with an item, in a location. If that's not enough there are icons on all of the corners featuring moods and seasons (to set or modify the tone), letters (to help with naming), and rank/suit (to play standard card games). "
  • DriveThruRPG is running an Old School Rules/Revival/Rennaissance (depending who you ask) promotion with a discount on many titles. For 15% off, use coupon code OSRF711F2.
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