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D&D 5E New WotC Products: Character Sheets Confirmed


Definately, one of the products is a new deluxe character sheets:



Release date 20 June, at least for Amazon. Might be available before that for FLGS.

So... we're set with DM Screen and Deluxe Sheets, I guess... still some hope for the fancy mug?

Sorry if this is old news, I didn't saw another thread about it!


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Is that the cover? That's cool at least!

Yes it is, at least according to Amazon's product page!

At least the cover is cool!

I guess they received this demand in all those pools they made, but in this day and age of automatized sheets and all, I don't think most people will find that useful..


I crit!
I dunno.
Two things.

First I'm always the guy who has character sheets at the game store, when I don't have any it'd be nice if the store had some that they didn't have to print on their own expense either, though they have.

Second the stores have liked Paizo for at least one thing, lots of cool things for people to buy. Wizards with D&D has been getting their with mini's, and cards, and other stuff, now with character sheets. I don't mean just books either.


Assuming that the quality is good I am happy with these on several levels. It's a completely optional way for Wotc to make money off (and for fans to support) D&D that doesn't detract from anyone's experience. Things like these can reduce the need to rely on other products or subscriptions that can be a detriment to some. It also shows they aren't abandoning the "analog" aspects of the game.

I can't help but ask "why?" Is there really a market for pre-printed character sheets these days?


I don't think it's as large of a market as it used to be. Because of cheap access to printers.
I'm always astonished when the books include a note that a page can be photocopied for personal use when most people are far more likely to just scan and print, possibly via a smartphone scanner app. Like the playable NPCs in Storm King's Thunder. A downloadable PDF would be much better and not look as blurry and warped by the margins.

That said, a product like this could still be cool. If it's presented as much as a folder for storing your characters, that's handy. A hardy cardstock cover would be nice for protecting character sheets and ensure all your characters stay together.


Yup, there was a thread about this a while back. The set includes a folder (with the cover art), standard character/background/spell sheets, and an alternate character sheet.

I wonder what changes they might make re designing the character sheeth.

One ting I would change from the current character sheeth is to remove alignment from the top of the page, and move it to the personality traits section.

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