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(for Mega-Dungeon Fans of the OSR, The IRON REALM is the world's first PLAY-BY-PODCAST campaign. Join us! Get the gaming extras from the website! Listen to the Podcast. And may you find your way in the endless dark!)

Hello Travellers of the Maze,

I am pleased to reveal to you The Iron Realm Dark Fantasy podcast. The Iron Realm is a life-and-death adventure rendered in the finest tradition of old school table top gaming. The Iron Realm is a no-holds-barred dungeon crawl where the characters live or die on the roll of the dice. Due to the dark and deadly nature of the podcast, The Iron Realm is not intended for younger audiences.

The thirty-ninth episode has been released today and I have several others in development which I will be releasing periodically for your enjoyment. The Iron Realm is for you if you are a fan of the old school and think you might enjoy a cast that will immerse you in another world, the world of the endless maze where monsters reign and the greatest reward the human tribe can hope for... is survival.

Podcasts run about 30 minutes each and future episodes will allow the listener various options for playing along.

Immerse yourself, enjoy, and comment.


The Podcast is an actual-play podcast which follows the exploits of seven classic-style characters. Imagine a dungeon crawl adventure brought to life in a realm of total darkness where the maze expands in all directions forever. The game is played by-the-book with no rerolls, thus the "Iron Realm" designation. In later episodes, listeners may map along as desired, roll dice along with the characters, or simply enjoy the roleplay / gaming challenges as they unfold.

An original game in an extreme dark fantasy style, a solitaire adventure for fans of fantasy roleplay.

The story behind the podcast:

About three years ago, I decided to begin my own solitaire dungeon crawl adventure. It was pretty cool. The map was laid out on the table using oversized graph paper and I had miniatures for all my characters. I could go down once a day and play a little, and the results of the game were never known to me ahead of time due to the solitaire setting. I would roleplay by doing write-ups - descriptions of the game's events, the characters' personalities, and so forth. The idea for the Iron Realm evolved - a realm where the entire adventure basically took place in the maze. The game became a challenge for survival. Reminiscent, truly, of the games many of us played when first starting out. I had always wanted to see if characters could survive this kind of no-holds-barred environment all the way to the max level. One session at a time, I was going to find out.

As the game progressed, I realized that I really enjoyed sharing the exploits of my characters with others. And I was really getting into the idea of having a podcast. So about a year ago, I decided to start playing the adventure as a podcast. I started fresh, refined my house rules through lessons learned, and started recording. I've been greatly inspired to do so by the other great gaming podcasts out there - such as Thaco's Hammer, RFI, Critical Hit, Save or Die, DAD DND, and Spellburn. This time, I've tried to do something a little bit different.

Here, at the present day, I've recorded actually quite a few podcasts. I have cleaned them up, added musical scores and evocative audio, and really enjoyed the process. With the first now released, I look forward to sharing the rest and recording more. By all means, try it out and see what you think. For every gamer who has taken their character into the dark and wondered what dangers there lurked, the Iron Realm has something for you all.




Please also contribute your civilized commentary on All Things Iron Realm in this thread or on the iron realm website. I look forward to your listenership.




The FIVE most recent episodes (72 in ALL!) are ready for the MegaDungeon Fan. Dramatic audio. The world's first Play-By-Podcast Campaign.

Chapter 68: Goblin Females.
Summary: There is a secret room at the center of the maze. But who dwells there and why?

Chapter 69: Soul Contract.
Summary: The wizard, Kaylana, awaits her new husband, the knight called Sir Lars.

Chapter 70: The Knight's Wife.
Summary: The young wizard woman is destined to wed. Meanwhile, the Dwarf is confronted in the dungeon maze by an unexpected threat.

Chapter 71: Ritual of the Ring.
Summary: Kaylana meets her husband face to face. In the maze, the tribe is forced to go back to the tunnels in hopes of finding the Unicorn.

Chapter 72: Through the Veil.
Summary: Kaylana and Solus face one another at last within the tent at the Sacred Sanctuary.

Download the Adventures and all the Extras here:

I'll see YOU in the maze.