D&D General NFTs Are Here To Ruin Dungeons & Dragons


I said they could make themselves wealthy enough - what you're talking about here is whether they can manage that wealth.
No I am not, much of that wealth, stocks, bonds, even title to land depends on the continuation of the current legal regime. Given enough pressure, particularly from Global Warning, that social, political, and legal framework may not persist. The biggest failing of the current business elite in that they favour a transactional social model and completely disregard the importance of loyalty.

Edit: It is my opinion that the current social and economic situation, if continuing for long enough could bring about a collapse of the regime via revolution. That is without extra pressure from Global Warming.
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Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
Sell the characters to WHO?! Why would ANYONE want to BUY a character? Let alone one with experience already???

Back in my World of Warcraft days (ca. 2007-2008, Burning Crusade) somebody transferred into our server with dual Warglaives of Azzinoth. Vianney, I think was the avatar name. Anyway, rumors were going around that he/she had paid 5k Euros for the account, and it was clear that he/she was not skilled enough to have earned them the honest way. Vianney became the laughingstock of the server, couldn't find a guild, and eventually transferred off the server.

€5k. Wasted.

I still chuckle thinking about it.


Yeah, being in their discord means nothing. Plenty of folks are just there for the popcorn show when the thing inevitably collapses. Free entertainment, after all

This, though? Yeah nah this is what we call 'a backpeddle once you're called out'


Just so i get it down. I felt it was fair to post his response.
OH, it's fine to get the response.
The fact that he fell for 'sustainable crypto' shows he's still utterly clueless something that Linda Codega came by to share an article about how the crypto glipner is using still relies on Etherium.

The joke is that the only crypto that's actually capable of being a currency & doesn't have the infinite hunger problem is the joke Dodgecoin. because it was coded as a joke, and not a scam, and the person who made it was competent, it's actually capable of processing large amounts of transactions. Which is why varies between practically worthless and a few pennies instead of thousands of $.


I assume some people would join just to witness the ensuing chaos.
And a competent person would say that instead of flipping out with the ''villain of the day again' line, which also makes sure to call attention to the fact that he's asked for a public buttkicking before.

People don't seem to understand that shutting up really is an option on social media.

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