D&D General NFTs Are Here To Ruin Dungeons & Dragons


From the article: “Complexity is weaponized in some of these instances to deflect scrutiny. This is an old trick from the financial industry: Make things more complex. In DeFi, you have financial complexity overlaid with technical complexity, too—so there is, really, just the thinnest subset of people who can do both. And those people will be paid a LOT of money to participate and build these tools. And when the slice of people is so small and they’re so handsomely rewarded, there’s not going to be many savvy watchdogs—there’s less incentive to be a policeman on the beat. It’s much easier to just go work on a project.”

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I'm not kidding. I wish I was.

I follow actual tech and Youtube doesn't know the difference between that and crypto. So I've ended up watching a lot of Crypto Bros taking L's content and... it's wild out there. That's not even the most disgusting stuff I've seen (I will not describe it here).


One of the things that amuses me about teckbros, anarcho-capitalists, libertarians and other anti regulatory types is that they forget that a lot of this law and regulation was put in place in response to previous catastrophes. It is a kind of social scar tissue, not just something put in to place to amuse lawyers and bureaucrats.


Once I took the deep dive into understanding blockchain technology it astounded me that criminals were using it to do anything at all. Sure the transaction record is "anonymous" in the sense that you don't have to use your real name to use it, but that anonymity is only preserved if you don't do anything stupid to link your account to your true identity. One screw up and anyone can trace everything you bought back to you.
You don't even have to particularly screw up, as Wired's Story (alllllllllllll the content warnings. You can guess the type of people trying to evade detection) - you just need someone with nation-state levels of resources.

Because Bitcoin & Etherium in particular have negligable transaction amounts, it's pretty easy for people to keep up with the transactions being processed. There's no way to launder things when a half dozen socks are the only things in the wash.

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