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5E Nights Dark Terror (B10) 5E


I have had this PDF for a while now and am thinking of running it in 5E.

Modern players are not familiar with Mystara and I might adapt it by running it as is and replacing the immortals with the Faerunian pantheon.

Has anyone tried this in 5E?

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I have not run it recently, but my recollection of it leads me to believe it would be easy to adapt to any 'border' area in almost any setting. Updating to 5E would not be a problem, either.


Yep, it translates well to 5e. Having a conversion document saved some time converting unique monsters, but I don't think it's necessary. You may want to tweek the unique monsters to your own taste, especially the lair actions for Kortoeba iirc.

It can be plopped into most settings without much fuss


Victoria Rules
It's almost a mini-setting on its own, so to begin with it probably doesn't matter much which greater setting you plop it into.

@pemerton is a big fan of this module, I seem to recall he converted and ran it in 4e, so maybe he'll have some tips and pointers for you.

The Glen

One of the greatest D&D modules ever. It's linear, but not a railroad. And you are never bored. Chased by psychopathic slavers and besieged by goblins on page 2, but never bored.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters