D&D General Nominate your favourite D&D villain!

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Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM

Forgotten Realms specific: Fzoul Chembryl. Worshipped Bane, switched to Cyric when he took over the Black Network, then switched back to Bane he returned and STILL was his chosen. Like a boss!


Limit Break Dancing
Weirdly, in Survivor IGGWILV won.
...and Bargle got eliminated early, which was unfortunate, because I love me some Bargle.

I mean, Clerics need some killing, amirite?
That's the trouble with villains and the Survivor threads. People downvote the things they hate, and a good villain is hated by all. So by that logic, those that were eliminated early were hated the most, and therefore, the most successful at being villains.

To put it another way, IGGWILV was (and remains) the worst villain, because he was the most loved. :unsure:


“I cannot be caged...”
“I cannot be controlled...”
“Understand this as you die, ever pathetic... ever fools.”


Jon Irenicus from BG2

My money goes on the BBEG who is also the Big Bad Start Guy and kicks Saverock’s ass as a digital villain.

Tragic back story, thinks big, carries a big spell book. Also one of the best voiced villains in d&d media. Any villain who starts an adventure by stealing half your stuff and killing half your party before the game starts is running pretty high in the loathing stakes. Plus he tortures you and your childhood friend to find out how to extract your immortal soul. Kudos.
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