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D&D General Nominate your favourite D&D villain!

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I'm surprised there are no nominations for Brian Blume or Lorraine Williams

Someone already posted Rary, so this should complete the set with the Lady.



Does "every gnome paladin, ever" count as a villain?

(Actually, I'm personally ambivalent about gnome paladins. But elven shadow monks damn well Broke The Game.)

Anyways, count me as a vote for Dracul… err, Strahd von Zarovich.

Cheers, Al'Kelhar


One of my earliest exposures to D&D, an awesome action figure, imposing animated character, and statted up finally in the pages of Dungeon magazine ... Warduke!
Yeah, I'm going to have to back this one. Warduke was just badass-looking and cool.

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