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D&D General Nominate your favourite D&D villain!

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Manshoon, the most masterful schemer in the Realms. (Until 3e came along and ruined the entire resolution to Cloak and Dagger.)


It’s hard to argue with Lord Soth. If they ever do a second 5e Ravenloft module, I hope it stars Lord Soth as the villain.

But I’m still going to go with Strahd Von Zarovich. A vampire that can cast spells is an absolute triple-threat. But I think it’s his personality that puts him above the rest. The depth of his arrogance, his belief that he is the hero of his own story makes him a meaty role for any DM to bring to life.

I6 was a game-changer for D&D, and Strahd's legacy has only grown in the decades since.



One of my earliest exposures to D&D, an awesome action figure, imposing animated character, and statted up finally in the pages of Dungeon magazine ... Warduke!


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Tony Vargas

So hard to choose between Elminster and Mordenkainen...

And I'm sure they wouldn't be valid anyway.

So, how 'bout Stephen the Rock, from Temple of the Frog. Not for being a great villain, but for being a groundbreaking one? ...except, there's no illustration of him I'm aware of....
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The Xanathar


Classic monster / crime lord in one of the most well known cities in the Forgotten Realms needs his nomination. Other considerations were Kyuss, Tiamat, Eclavdra, and Raistlin Majere. I would have nominated Strahd but that was already covered.


I wish you could nominate Drizzt. For ruining game tables across the globe by causing the rise of dual wielding rangers and/or everyone and their grandma’s dog wanting to play drow. Drow are bad guys. Like orcs, or goblins. Never should be a default PC race.


As my avatar label says, Keraptis. I mean, how bad of a villain do you need to be to take away the best loot of the party? Hard won loot? The entire point of adventuring in the first place? And let’s be real, how many of us refused, and after battling efreeti, made the DM stat up the wizard anyway 😉


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