Non-spellcasting party in high magic campaign


No too long into the future I will run a session (or series of them if all goes well) with my usual players. It's a new campaign and they are all creating their characters at the moment, thinking up ideas and concepts.

So far it seems like the group will consist of rogue and fighter like characters. This means that none of them will be able to cast spells, and they'll all be level 8.

The thing is that they will be playing in a high magic campaign (Forgotten Realms to be specific). I'm worried that I'll fry them to crisps after their second encounter because of the lack of healing. This will be the first adventure I'm running where no one can cast spell and/or heal.

So, does anyone have any suggestions that I should keep in mind when planning the adventure? I don't think the standard "4 encounters a day at their EL" guidline will work this time. As I mentioned, it's a high magic setting and there's a high risk that they'll face at least one spellcasting opponent.

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1) consider a mechanic to allow the heroes to recover hit points between combats. The one I'm thinking of allows the heroes to have a pool of "reserve" hit points equal to their normal max hp. Between encounters, they can replenish lost hit points from this reserve pool. The result is that the heroes have twice as many hit points over the course of the day, but no more than their normal max for any one encounter.

2) Consider having some attacks to subdual/nonlethal damage -- maybe blunt (slams, constriction, short falls), sonic energy, cold energy). This will allow them to shake off more damage if they get a chance to rest for a bit between encounters.

3) Remind them about different kinds of strategies to help them avoid getting hurt in the first place, particularly cover (and its benefit w/regard to reflex saves as well as AC).


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It's High Magic!

So it's high magic... No problem! Focus on it!

Once they have magical weapons and armor, give them magic items that will aid their plight... Protective items are always good. If they're going to be fried to a crisp, Rings of Protection and Fire Resistance should start showing up. Armor with the Fire Resistance property. Utility items that grant them spell casting ability, like a Ring of Spell Storing, Ioun Stones, Cloaks of Arachnidia (Spider Climb at will, and Web, once/day). Boots of Teleportation, so they can vamoose, when the going gets too tough. Remember, both armor and shields can have special qualities, and other magic items can grant spell use, or protection. Stock the party up on these! Better to have +1 weapons and better armor & protection, in this case, than +5 weapons!

Perhaps have an NPC Cleric, with a Ring of Spell Storing with all the needed spells within in. When/if he gets killed, the PCs will have his ring, and can pay some other NPC Cleric to get the spells stored. Also, see if one PC might want to play a Paladin or Ranger, instead of a Fighter. If so, wands and scrolls of Ranger/Paladin spells will work wonders. A Rogue with high enough Use Items skill can do much the same (with many more wasted charges).

Also, look at the racial mix of the party... Are there any Elves or Gnomes who can afford to pick up a single level of Wizard or Bard? If so, the whole gamut of Wiz/Bard magic items becomes usable, by them. You might even want to consider opening Gestalt Classes to them.

An Alchemy Jug will give them a Potion of Extra-Healing every week, and healing potions are always good as treasure. So are Keoghtom's Ointments, etc. Also, if you have someone (like a Ranger) with Profession: Herbalist, consider adding some simple healing herbs to your game. Aloe Vera heals 1D4 fire damage, if applied within 4 minutes of being burned. Cloves of Thurl, if brewed into tea, will heal 1D4 HP/cup. Mirenna Berries (ala Thomas Covenant) cure 1D100% of all damage taken, per berry... Etc. These things can be bought, or found with Profession: Herbalist checks. All these will go a long way towards helping out a party with healing.

Finally, you could just incinerate them, and then suggest to the dead PC's player that (s)he roll up a Cleric/Druid, or at least a Bard/Paladin/Ranger! :p
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Potions. Lots of potions.

A intelegent weapon with a stack of cure spells[cleric trapped in the item to do penance]?

Rouge needs UMD and a few CLW wands.

Incantation based healing maybe? {unearted arcana has details ] Ritualisticly tearing/ cutting out a foe's heart and eating it for a curative effect. The stronger the foe, the better the healing.

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