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Nonfiction books about non-D&D tabletop RPG companies?


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So for several years now, I've been reading various nonfiction books about our hobby, both with regard to its history (e.g. Jon Peterson's Playing at the World, Shannon Appelcline's Designers & Dragons, Ben Riggs' Slaying the Dragon, etc.) and in its more general impact (e.g. David Ewalt's Of Dice and Men, Shelly Mazzanoble's Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress, Mark Barrowcliffe's The Elfish Gene, etc.).

However, most of these have either been about the tabletop gaming industry in general (e.g. Elisa Teague's Girls on Games, Ethan Gilsdorf's Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, Joseph Laycock's Dangerous Games, etc.) or have been about D&D/TSR in some regard (e.g. Michael Witwer's Empire of Imagination, Jon Peterson's The Game Wizards, Johnson et al's 30 Years of Adventure, etc.). Very few have been about some other company in particular.

To that end, does anyone know of any nonfiction coverage that focuses on other game companies specifically? I've read through Bill Slavicsek's Defining a Galaxy (which has a large focus on West End Games) and Bill Owen's Judges Guild's Bob & Bill: A Cautionary Tale (Judges Guild, obviously), but other than picking up a copy of Michael Monaco's The Highest Level of All: The Story of Fantasy Wargaming (which is bloody expensive) and Livingstone and Jackson's Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop (coming out at the end of this month), what else is there?

Are there no books charting the history of White Wolf and the World of Darkness? What about Shadowrun? I know everything is tiny compared to D&D, but in this age of easy desktop publishing and rising interest in tabletop role-playing games, Lawrence Schick's Heroic Worlds and Appelcline's aforementioned Designers & Dragons seem like the best print coverage there is of smaller companies (I've read a lot of blogs and seen plenty of videos about other TTRPG publishers, of course, but I'm looking for something more substantial than just "Aunty Lisa's Story Hour" regarding the rise of Paizo, for instance).

So I'm asking you guys: what print books are out there which cover the smaller, less famous players in the tabletop gaming hobby?
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Livingstone and Jackson's Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop (coming out at the end of this month), what else is there?

Ooh, I didn't know this was coming out.

There was a good documentary on White Wolf. I think it was on Prime. Not a print book, but the genre you are looking for.

I believe it's called World of Darkness. It's quite good, and answered the question I always had after reading the core book, which was "why Gary, Indiana?"

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Ninja'd; OP actually did dig up the Fantasy Wargaming book. Dang. $88? I'm almost tempted.

Thanks for the World of Darkness documentary!


In Swedish we have a couple of books. No English version availible as far as I know.

Finna Dolda Ting: En bok om Svensk rollspelshistoria
Authors: Anna-Karin Linder & Daniel Linder

This book is supposed to be about Swedish rpg-history from the 80s and to the present day. Haven't read it so no idea about how good it is. The title translates as "Spot Hidden: A book about the Swedish roleplaying history". LInk: Finna dolda ting : En bok om svensk rollspelshistoria

Boken om Äventyrsspel - Bland Mutanter, Drakar och Demoner
Authors: Oscar Säfström & Jimmy Wilhelmsson

This is a book about the Swedish company Äventyrsspel who was the first Swedish rpg-company, and were dominating the market in the 80's. It is Out Of Print, but they plan a reprint. The title translates as "The Book about Äventyrsspel - Amongst Mutants, Dragons and Demons"

Link: https://fandrake.com/produkt/boken-om-aventyrsspel/

Boken om Mutant - Minnen från den Förbjudna zonen
Authors: Oscar Säfström & Jimmy Wilhelmsson

This is a book about all versions of the Swedish game Mutant.. The title translates as "The bok about Mutant - Memories from the Forbidden Zone"

Link: Skaffa boken om MUTANT

They are very soon releasing a similar book about the Swedish game "Drakar och Demoner". That will cover from the first version back in 1982 to the new version (Dragonbane) by Free Leagues. Link: Boken om DRAKAR OCH DEMONER

Fandrake release an artbook together with the Free League with all the art of Nils Gulliksson, one of the orignal and most beloved artists of the first version of Drakar och Demoner, as well as Mutant.. All text in Swedish though. Link: Fria Ligan | Butik
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