Northern VA Group LFP for TTRPG



As the title of this thread says, I'm looking for players in my area to fill some slots in our current group. We are looking for two more players. Open to all adult ranges, gender identities, sexual orientation, and neurodiversities. What matters most is that you are a good fit for us and that we are the right group for you.

We are playing a fantasy-based game, using an award winning system with an Old-School Rennaissance (OSR) feel to it. It is gritty, with heavy use of survival mechanics (navigation, food and water resources, environmental effects such as cold exposure, etc.) and teamwork mechanics.

We have not yet started this campaign, as we wish to get at least one more player added to our group. If this post has peaked your interest, please contact me and we'll go from there. Cheers!

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