Not DnD: John Harper Talks Lasers & Feelings

It's Monday! That means we're live streaming another episode of Not DnD at 10pm BST (5pm EDT).

This week we have John Harper joining us to talk about Lasers & Feelings - so join us live on Twitch to be part of it and ask your questions directly to John!

Lasers & Feelings is a quick-play free roleplaying game, based on the songs of The Doubleclicks.

You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. Your mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity known as Something Else, leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod.

What happens next? Play to find out!

Prefer podcasts? No problem. We'll upload the show to your favourite podcast streaming platform in a few days!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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