Not DnD: Star Trek Adventures at 10pm BST on Twitch

This week's episode of Not DnD features Modiphius' Jim Johnson, who will be talking all about Star Trek Adventures!

Watch live on Twitch tonight at 10pm BST (5pm EDT) or catch up later on YouTube or listen to the podcast.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

When will the licence Star Trek end? Because I doubt WotC to publish Star Wars d20 any more, but Hasbro has got a partership deal with Paramounts, the onwers of ST franchise. That means the day the licence with Modiphius ended then WotC could be interested. Or Modiphius could publish a d20 version of ST.

So far Modiphius has resisted publishing d20 versions of their 2d20 games. Also, Modiphius has licensed additional Star Trek properties since the start of Star Trek Adventures. Discovery and Picard were not initially part of the agreement, but they are now. So, I think that Modiphius will most likely extend the agreement, and not let it end. I honestly don't see any value in converting any and all rulesets into a level-based system that was designed to cater to a specific niche of fantasy gaming (namely dungeon fantasy). I love D&D, but I would also love not to see a repeat of the early 2000s with the glut of d20-based systems. Level-based systems aren't a good fit for setting where the assumed competence of characters is high or not even level-dependend.


Modiphius publishes some d20-based games, but they're all through their "Via Modiphius" program, which enables small companies to publish their work through MOD, None of MOD's games, however, are d20, and I don't see them moving anything from their house system to levels.

In fact, MOD is supposedly going to release an SRD for 2d20 this summer, and as was mentioned above they recently announced that they have the licenses for DIS and PIC...and are releasing a large hardback DIS resource book later this year.

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