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Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before By Yourself
Can't find a group to play Star Trek with? Try this instead!
Play Star Trek By Yourself In This New Solo Version of Star Trek Adventures
Randomly generate missions and play in any era!
Star Trek Adventures Utopia Planitia Review
My first steps into tabletop gaming came when I bought the Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat...
Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign Guide Review
When Star Trek: Discovery came out in 2017 it became one of the most polarizing shows in all of...
Star Trek Adventures Now On Fantasy Grounds
I just recieved my shiny copy of Utopia Planitia, fresh from the Modiphius warehouse. I haven't...
Get 'The Next Generation' Crew Stats for Star Trek Adventures
If you're a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and also a fan of Modiphius' Star Trek...
Expand Your Star Trek Adventures With New Guides For Players And Gamemasters
Good RPG advice can be hard to find. There are often some nuggets in the GM section of the core...
Not DnD: Star Trek Adventures at 10pm BST on Twitch
This week's episode of Not DnD features Modiphius' Jim Johnson, who will be talking all about...
Time For Some Star Trek Adventures In The Shackleton Expanse
One of the strengths of the Star Trek Adventures line is the robust adventure support. Between...
Game Design Masterclass – 2D20
I work for Modiphius on Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and Star Trek Adventures, so it’s no...
Modiphius' Star Trek Now Includes DISCOVERY and PICARD
Modiphius has announced that their Star Trek license for their tabletop RPG has now been...
Star Trek Adventures Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook Available Now
Modiphius announced the release of the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook for the Star Trek Adventures...
Strange New Worlds: 9 Adventures For Star Trek RPG
Modiphius has released Strange New Worlds in PDF (November 2019 in your local game store), which contains nine short adventures for use with their Star Trek Adventures 2d20-powered RPG.
Star Trek's Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook Coming Next Week
Modiphius has announced that the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures will be out on July 25th. 11 alien species, new starships, and lots of information about the Federation and worlds of the quadrant, available from their web store very soon.
Khaaaaaan! New Star Trek Miniatures From Modiphius
Two new miniature sets are now available from Modiphius, for use with their Star Trek Adventures RPG. These are the Original Series Landing Party, and the Iconic Villains sets. These are 32mm scale, unpainted resin miniatures.
Science Division, Alpha Quadrant, & Trouble on Omned III For Star Trek Adventures
Modiphius has announced three new Star Trek Adventures hardcovers: Science Division (February), Alpha Quadrant (July), and Strange New Worlds (August).
Star Trek PDF Contains Deep Space Nine Character Stats
Fans of Deep Space Nine, and especially those who want to play Ferengi or Changelings, will enjoy this short PDF from Modiphius for Star Trek Adventures. Not only are those two new races now available, but the stats of the DS9 crew are also provided.
Take A Peek Inside Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures: Operations Division Supplement!
"Operations" means security and engineering, and Modiphius has kindly sent me along a copy of their latest Star Trek Adventures rulebook with permission to share some previews of the interior with you.

Starfinder Outpaces Pathfinder In Fall 2017!

Starfinder outpaced Pathfinder! Wow!
Modiphius release These Are The Voyages Volume 1 for Star Trek Adventures
Ahead of its print release date of October Modiphius Entertainment have released the first anthology of Star Trek Adventures missions in PDF. These Are The Voyages Volume 1 presents eight ready to play missions for the recently released 2d20 System powered game.
That Upcoming Star Trek RPG Comes In A Special Borg Cube Boxed Set!
Those looking forward to Modiphius' 2d20-based Star Trek Adventures may be excited to hear about a limited edition boxed set which contains a "1701-D" limited edition rulebook, miniatures, dice, tokens, a GM screen, geomorphic deck tiles, character sheets, and a poster map, Geek & Sundry is reporting. No details on price quite yet, but the pre-order opens on June 8th. But the best thing about it? It's shaped like a Borg Cube!

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