Check Out Modiphius' Star Trek Miniatures!

Over on Beasts of War, there's a look at Modiphius' new Star Trek miniatures. These are 32mm unpainted resin miniatures featuring the original Enterprise crew, and the Next Generation crew. The game - Star Trek Adventures - uses Modiphius' 2d20 system (which was used in their Conan RPG, amongst other games) and is due for release in August.



Click here for more over at Beasts of War.

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I have mixed feelings of these.

The minis look decent and detailed, but resin can be pricer than other plastic (like the stuff used in Bones and the WizKids Deep Cuts; I adore that you don't need to prime or wash the latter).

The Original Series ones look good. Just fine.

My one request would have been swappable heads. Make all the heads separate pieces with common joints, allowing you to pick the head of your choice. So you can use the one set of minis for the Enterprise crew but then put Sulu's head on Kirks' body, Spock's on Bones', and Scotty on Spock's to assemble the new crew of the U.S.S. Jester (or what have you). So the minis double as a fairly generic crew.
Yeoman Rand would have also been nice for a wider range of women.

The Next Generation ones are from a curious mix. You have Season 1 Yar, Season 6-7 Troi and Crusher (that looks more like a S1-2 jumpsuit), and a season 3+ Worf. But then you have Riker, Data, La Forge, and Picard in their unfortunate Generations movie duds. (Shoulders don't look detailed enough for the First Contact onward uniforms). But, adding to the weird era mismash, the badges for everyone but Yar are the Generations ones.
Dammit, pick an era!


They look decent to me. Shame the system isn't better, although maybe they'll clean up the playtest and the final run will be better, and more comprehensible.


What uniforms are the TNG guys wearing? Crusher, Yar and Troi look like they're wearing original TNG uniforms, but what about the dudes?

Also, no Wesley? Boo.

They're Late-DS9/TNG-movie-era uniforms (gray shoulders, red/gold/blue undershirt), but for some reason they have pronounced vertical lines not evident on the real uniforms.

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