Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition

Modiphius Announces Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition


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Originally launched in 2017, Star Trek Adventures uses Modiphius' in-house 2d20 system, allowing you to play characters from all different eras of the Star Trek universe.

Today, Modiphius announced a 2nd Edition. There's little information yet, but you can sign up to a mailing list for news. The new core rulebook will launch at Gen Con 2024, with a starter set going shortly afterwards. Modiphius says that it remains compatible with first edition supplements.

Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. will publish a second edition of its award-winning Star Trek™ roleplaying game, Star Trek Adventures, later this year with a new core rulebook and a series of game expansions to follow.

The British publisher continues to enjoy a strong licensing relationship with Paramount Consumer Products, adding Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Prodigy to the license, allowing it to produce game material for both series alongside the rest of the franchise.

A new core rulebook will premiere at Gen Con 2024, and a new starter set will be released in the fall. The core rulebook will allow players to create original characters and starships, immersing themselves in Star Trek stories of their own making. The second edition of the popular RPG will build on and refine the rules from the first edition, and is compatible with first edition supplements and expansions.

The second edition of the game opens up the possibility for players to step outside the Starfleet-focused gameplay and tell stories with the well-known species of the Star Trek universe, including the Klingon and Romulan Empires, in addition to others present across the franchise. With the addition of Strange New Worlds to the license, the new edition will feature art themed around the popular new series.

Speaking about the team’s work, project manager Jim Johnson said: “Phase two of Star Trek Adventures is giving us the opportunity to refine the award-winning ruleset, taking advantage of all we’ve learned and published for the game and for the 2d20 System over the last seven years. And, since Star Trek presented a diverse setting from the very beginning, I felt it important the core rulebook present a more diverse spread of character possibilities beyond just the Federation. You’ll see a selection of fully playable non-Federation species in the core, expanding your group’s gameplay possibilities right from the start.”

Modiphius has had the strongest-supported licensed Star Trek tabletop roleplaying game to date, with seven years of titles giving fans extensive coverage of the source material and gameplay options. A solo-play version of Star Trek Adventures entitled Captain’s Log released in 2023 and was an immediate hit with fans and retailers alike, giving players without a group or a gamemaster the ability to create Star Trek stories about their own original characters.

Chris Birch, Modiphius founder and chief creative officer said, “You can see it in people’s eyes when they talk about their Star Trek Adventures games, that this RPG is really bringing something quite special to the table. Seven years ago we set out to tell a new story in the Star Trek universe, and to bring us all together to explore strange new worlds. So whether you’re a new crew coming to the table or old friends, I think you’ll find the second edition of Star Trek Adventures will be the beginning of your own five-year mission with all the wonder that entails.”
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Got a second press release email with slightly different text:
Set a course for Star Trek Adventures - Second Edition!

During its 7-year voyage, Star Trek™ Adventures has brought the intrepid explorers, alien worlds, and futuristic technology of the Star Trek universe to the tabletop, in immersive and faithful detail.

Now, the brand new second edition of the award-winning roleplaying game brings together crews from across the franchise, including Strange New Worlds and Prodigy, to explore the galaxy like never before.

Create original characters and live out their lives with a diversity of species and backgrounds from across the different polities of explored space, from Federation Starfleet officers to Klingon warriors, Romulan agents to Cardassian soldiers, and many more.

While Star Trek™ Adventures second edition's core mechanics have been streamlined, they remain fundamentally the same as the first edition, just snappier and smoother to play. Combat, ship management, character creation, and complex task mechanics have all spent some time in drydock, and have been upgraded to the latest Starfleet protocols - refined, refreshed, and ready for your new explorations!

Voyage into the unknown as the crew from any era, any fleet, and forge your character’s stories, where weird is just part of the job, and your service, sacrifice, and compassion will be truly tested.

These are the voyages of your ship, your crew. Live it together.

  • An updated and streamlined version of the 2d20 System rules, designed for an authentic Star Trek experience
  • Compatible with 1E supplements and books (more on this later!)
  • Be part of a crew from any Star Trek era, including Prodigy and Strange New Worlds
The second edition core rulebook is expected to premiere at Gen Con in August 2024, with a Starter Set launching in the Fall, and much more to follow.


And here I just bought the Tricorder edition of the old version... but then again, it'll probably be a while before playing it either way. I think I need to give 2d20 a workout in a more traditional game like Infinity before trying Star Trek on.

Dire Bare

Boldly announcing this as a Second Edition and not just a remaster or update edition.
I like that. There's so much debate about whether something qualifies as a new edition or whether something that is called a "remaster" actually is a new edition, after all, I just prefer if they call it a new edition if there are any changes beyond the cosmetic.

It is clear why the language of "edition" with D&D is important, and is less so with other games like Star Trek Adventures. Historically, each "edition" of D&D is significantly different from the edition prior, resulting in splitting the audience as some stick with the earlier edition and some move forward with the new. The D&D 2024 rules could certainly be called an "edition", but WotC is avoiding that terminology for obvious and good reasons. Modiphius doesn't have to worry about that with Star Trek Adventures.

Always appreciate designers going back and improving the experience. You learn so much especially when you get a whole community playing and discussing their experience, so I love designers who do this. Its very much against human nature to stick to one project for so much time - I know all too well that burnout. I imagine many want something fresh and new and to follow new ideas that spark new creativity.

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