• The VOIDRUNNER'S CODEX is coming! Explore new worlds, fight oppressive empires, fend off fearsome aliens, and wield deadly psionics with this comprehensive boxed set expansion for 5E and A5E!


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A WizKids miniature reveals the iconic character's face for the first time.
New individual-packed unpainted minis available for pre-order
Upcoming miniatures line includes the characters from the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series.
Heroclix Iconix: Eye of the Beholder available for pre-order
Images released and pre-orders opened for the line of pre-painted minis
Several new releases coming in the first half 2024 for D&D and Critical Role licensed minis and sculptures.
A certain million-dollar crowdfunder
After the Minecraft D&D announcement, the D&D Honor Among Thieves movie was the next showcase in the D&D Direct presentation. An extended trailer for the movie was screened, followed by a promo for pre-made character sheets available on D&D Beyond like the movie characters.
Beadle & Grimm's has made another luxury edition of a D&D adventure set, this time Spelljammer: Adventures in Space.
A new sword and sorcery RPGs uses the rules of Castles & Crusades as a base. Dungeons & Dragons gets a new setting, a book of magic items, a book of spells, and a setting poster map. Warhammer FRPG gets a monster book, Traveller gets support for the Third Imperium and 2300AD, and superhero minis in mint condition are available for Marvel Super Heroes (TSR).
The Blade Runner RPG is here for deep roleplaying and facing difficult choices. D&D gets an adventure and two miniatures of classic many legged monsters throwing off some heat and tossing off some lightning. Vast Grimm using the Mörk Borg system is dark and grim in an 80s metal kind of way and the core rulebook is supported with a screen and a book of adventures. There are also lots of dice...
Fantasy and sci-fi options this week. And The Merry Mushmen, Troll Lord, and Noxweiler Berf walk into a tavern. All of them tell tales about their RPG labors. Castles & Crusades gets a book on dungeons, Old-School Essentials and D&D get a monster and background book on faeries (and D&D gets another monster book and tokens as well) and Berf brings the wisdom of his TTRPG miniature painting...
Since 2019, tabletop gaming based properties have made the leap from books to toys in the form of action figures. In this article, I share the recent and upcoming toylines for Dungeons & Dragons, The Legend of Vox Machina, and an action figure line with its own RPG, Mythic Legions. If you’re looking for a holiday gift, these might be the perfect toys for the gamer in your life.
With the holiday season upon us, lets talk about the recent and upcoming waves of RPG action figures available as holiday gifts and beyond. For the first part of this two part series, I’ll talk about aspects of an action figure as well as what’s available for two tabletop properties: Cyberpunk 2077 and Warhammer 40,000.
While D&D 5E can easily be played theater of the mind style, playing with minis is very popular, so WotC's latest release, the D&D Campaign Case: Terrain provides an alternative to a vinyl battle map. It can be used with the D&D Campaign Case: Creatures or with your own minis.
The D&D Campaign Case: Creatures is out, and it's better than I expected. This case provides an alternative to minis for anyone who uses a grid or battle map when they run combat. Minis are great but not everyone has the space to store, let alone the time to paint 3D minis.

This Week in TTRPG


Put the players within spitting distance of the fall of House Atreides and the rise of Muad’Dib.
For its first book of D&D's 50th anniversary year, Wizards is going big with a multiverse-spanning, multiverse-threatening adventure where players will face off against one of the game’s most legendary villains.
A great monster book on its own but also useful as a supplemental guide to pre-existing fantasy worlds.
Play a vampire and kill nazis in WW2!

Dungeons & Dragons

The 2024 DMG cover has been revealed by the UK's Mirror newspaper.
For the small price of accepting a bit of healing from its quirky host you too can stay in this aged and storied temple.
Gold dragons no longer have wings--just like they used to be!
Hasbro CEO plays in an Eastern Adventures D&D campaign.
Figments of imagination that make for deadly encounters or very, very cool familiars.
For its first book of D&D's 50th anniversary year, Wizards is going big with a multiverse-spanning, multiverse-threatening adventure where players will face off against one of the game’s most legendary villains.

Industry News

D&D-powered cartoon fun from Cryptozoic Entertainment.
Developer tool released under Open RPG Creator (ORC) License.
SRD 5.2 will be released under Creative Commons next year.
One of only two TTRPG creators with four separate million dollar Kickstarters!
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