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News Digest for the Week of September 5
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Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Another ancestry previewed for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, the table of contents and miniatures for Descent Into Avernus for D&D, Chuck Tingle breaks into roleplaying games, and more!

WizKids Previews New D&D Mini Sets

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Interesting that it looks like there is a single huge creature in the set. When I heard about the spell effects minis I got excited, but then I see they aren't designed to have them share the same space with other minis. I have a need for minis I can put under characters.

Minis or Theatre of the Mind? (Survey)

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For combat with more than 5 I will pull out minis. Exploration going into towns 99% theater of the mind

Phandelver's Redbrand Hideout in Glorious 3D Terrain

State of the Mongoose 2014
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Matt Sprange has posted The State of the Mongoose, the yearly address covering what is going on behind the scenes at Mongoose Publishing. Highlights include a new way of doing business, a new skirmish game set in the ancient word, a 3D WWII dogfighting miniatures game, a new look for the Traveller RPG, the new edition of Paranoia, miniatures for Judge Dredd, plus some news about video games.

Lego minifigure: Mind flayer

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Doe he come in the Lego Cthulhu set?


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