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Dungeons & Dragons has an entire new setting and numerous new rules with the Symbaroum setting. D&D also gets several new modules. There are numerous supplements and modules for the OSR and a unique Halloween RPG. The RPG about a world overrun by spiders is even creepier (and crawlier). Finally, there is some miniature furniture for a wizard’s lair.

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.
88 ruins of symbaroum.JPG
Ruins of Symbaroum - Player's Guide | Ruins of Symbaroum - Gamemaster's Guide | Ruins of Symbaroum - Bestiary by Free League Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover rules and setting
  • RETAIL PRICE: $38.95 each
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: Worldbuilding: Ruins of Symbaroum (geeknative.com)
  • DESCRIPTION: Ruins of Symbaroum is a collection of three rulebooks that combined with the D&D 5E OGL creates an entire setting and ruleset. The Player’s Guide includes: a player facing introduction to the setting, new rules (travelling, rests, social challenges, and the blight of corruption), nine player character origins with custom backgrounds, five new character classes with a total of 32 new approaches (sub-classes), new equipment (weapons, armor, alchemical elixirs, mystical artifacts, and more), and spell lists for the mystical traditions: sorcerer, theurg, troll singer, witch and wizard, including 24 new spells. The Gamemaster’s Guide contains the following. Information on the capital city of Yndaros, the fortune hunter’s town of Thistle Hold, and Karvosti, the cliff of the High Chieftain and the Huldra. The Underworld, Yonderworld and Spirit World. Wilderness expedition rules into the forest of Davokar. The design of game worlds, adventures, and epic campaigns. How to make in-game rewards more interesting and tailored to different player types, also including 27 mystical artifacts. Optional rules including advanced traps, troupe play, ceremonial magic, managing domains, pitched battles, pact making, social challenges, and more. The one-shot adventure Blight Night which showcases some of the uniqueness of the setting. The Bestiary has: 30+ illustrated creatures, nearly 60 additional creatures, 60+ generic non-player characters, approximately 200 monster modifications (features, traits, reactions, lair actions and more), and terrain features (cities and towns, farmlands, forests, swamps, and more.
88 shepherds bane.JPG
88 the tower of dead thieves.JPG
88 orcus in a winter.JPG
88 chaos rising 2.JPG
Shepherd's Bane (D&D 5E) | Shepherd's Bane (Swords & Wizardry) | The Tower of Dead Thieves (D&D 5E) | The Tower of Dead Thieves (Swords & Wizardry) | Orcus in a Winter Wonderland! (D&D 5E) | Orcus in a Winter Wonderland! (Swords & Wizardry) | Chaos Rising - Into the Abyss (D&D 5E) | Chaos Rising - Into the Abyss (Swords & Wizardry) by Frog God Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons/Swords & Wizardry
  • PRODUCT TYPE: modules
  • RETAIL PRICE: $24.99 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Shepherd’s Bane is an adventure for characters of levels 1st to 3rd. A werewolf roams the foggy reaches of Sterling Moor and the village of Harroch is at its mercy. Tonight is the night of the full moon. The PCs need to protect the villagers and figure out who the werewolf is. Unless, of course, there is more than one. Tower of Dead Thieves is designed for three to six level 1-3 characters. It rewards problem-solving and skill use over combat. More than just a dungeon crawl, the tower is one large puzzle, a puzzle whose solution yields great reward for those willing to risk a terrible death. In Orcus in a Winter Wonderland the PCs must solve the riddle of untimely winter before they and everyone at the inn where they are staying are frozen solid. Winter has arrived early—several months early. It's another Yule-themed scheme by Orcus’ Claws, and the PCs are on his naughty list. Chaos Rising 2: Into the Abyss is for four to six high level PCs. It follows up on the original Chaos Rising by the same author. The PCs are approached by mighty beings who seek assistance in stopping lunatic forces who wish to end all of existence.
88 carcass crawler.JPG

Carcass Crawler #2 by Necrotic Gnome
  • SYSTEM: Old-School Essentials
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover zine supplement
  • DESCRIPTION: Issue 2 includes the following. The phase elf and the wood elf. An item-based encumbrance system. Guidelines and prices for inns, jewelers, money changers, and traders, including a simple optional rule for haggling. Hiring retainers. A set of tables for expediting character creation by randomly selecting starting gear. Complete rules for high-tech energy blades. Eight monsters: creepy undead, guardian constructs, and devious serpents. The tomb of Aum-Pharath: a mini-adventure in the trap-filled ruins of a snake cult temple. Advice and optional guidelines for making traps a fun and engaging part of the game.
88 book of misery.JPG
88 bucket bash.JPG
88 the marital cult of blood knight.JPG
88 webworld.JPG

Book of Misery | Bucket Bash | The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius | Webworld by Exalted Funeral
  • SYSTEM: Mörk Borg/unique/Knave/unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $18/$12/$12/$15
  • DESCRIPTION: The Book of Misery includes: six new classes, a crit fail table, new weapons, over 15 new enemies, a delightfully charming NPC who sells interesting teas, a dog companion a PC can buy, and three adventures (The Howling Caverns: a claustrophobic cavern crawl with rituals and werewolves, A Putrid House: a truly horrific entity is possessing these halls, and A Dungeon Most Pointless: a stripped-back simple dungeon to troll your players. Bucket Bash is a monster-bashing, candy-snatching, trick-or-treat game for 3-6 players. The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gauis is a dungeon crawl about a religious order of vampires who deny their feeding urges, instead only drinking the blood of those whom they have given a formal chance to defend themselves. Includes nine monsters and NPCs, two bosses, and eight spellbooks and enchanted items. Webworld replaces the world as we know it. That world is dead and covered in a thick layer of web by giant arachnids, legs thicker than sewer pipes and bodies larger than buildings. PCs are the resistance against giant spiders, living zombies and other humans, all the while trying to survive the hell-scape that is planet Earth.
88 wizards workshop.JPG
88 wizards workshop closet.JPG

Wizard's Workshop - Terrain | Wizard's Workshop's Closet - Terrain by Kromlech
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons/fantasy RPGs
  • PRODUCT TYPE: unpainted, unassembled miniature terrain pieces
  • RETAIL PRICE: $78.95/11.95
  • DESCRIPTION: The Wizard’s Workshop is filled with items from books containing long-forgotten knowledge to alchemic bottles filled with colorful liquids - everything is important and potentially dangerous. This set combines seven different products from the Wizard's Workshop range - 17 resin elements. The Wizard's Workshop's Closet is a miniature closet. Probably leads to Narnia.

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