• The VOIDRUNNER'S CODEX is coming! Explore new worlds, fight oppressive empires, fend off fearsome aliens, and wield deadly psionics with this comprehensive boxed set expansion for 5E and A5E!


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This collector's edition boxed adventure and campaign is an homage to Gary Gygax and other creators.
Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to run tabletop RPGs. Here are some adventures to run and celebrate the season this Valentine’s Day.
Bunni Daniel of Dungeon Damsel Creations, agreed to talk about her Shadowdark project running on Backerkit, Unnatural Selection: A Supplement for use with Shadowdark.
A lighter system inspired by early Warhammer games.
Encounter 20 fantasy pubs and use drinking rules in your search for an antidote!
Kobayashi's OSR RPG, Black Sword Hack - Ultimate Chaos Edition, is available for preorder on Kickstarter.
Ben Milton's Knave RPG: Second Edition is currently on Kickstarter with a bit over $423,000
Flying Buffalo’s entire game line acquired along with the classic first published in 1978
Philip Reed has three RPG zines on Kickstarter.
This classic dungeon crawl experience raised over a million on Kickstarter
The Shadowdark represents anywhere filled with darkness, danger, and legend. Maybe a haunted ruined castle or an alligator filled sewer. If the PCs are risking life and limb with swords, spells, and torches then they’re facing the Shadowdark.
Old-school gaming. New-school mechanics. Danger. Speed. Simplicity. Shadowdark RPG, currently on kickstarter and with a free quickstart, distills fifty years of D&D design into two pages of core rules supported by 239 monsters, 85 spells , 97 magic items, and dozens of random roll tables. Kelsey Dionne was kind enough to talk to me about her RPG. Addendum: since the interview, Kelsey has...
This week brings many adventures. Three adventures for Mothership and a system neutral fantasy setting. There are several other adventures for a variety of other RPG systems. There is also a new RPG using Powered by the Apocalypse.
This week’s article looks at RPG crowdfunding projects that end between March 2nd and 11th. Some of the items covered here are regular RPG projects, others are part of Kickstarter’s Zine Quest and ZiMo featuring RPG zines. This is a sampling of what’s available, there’s a lot more out there to choose from. Starting with this article, I’m no longer listing the actual S/H charges for physical...
IndieGoGo, GameOnTabletop, GameFound, ItchFunding, BackerKit, and Crowdfundr as well as Kickstarter, so many choices to run an RPG crowdfunding campaign on. I have to dig deep to discover all of the RPGs crowdfunding at any given time. From these options, I prepare a sampling of what’s out there for tabletop RPGs. This week, I feature RPG projects that end between February 28th and March 3rd...
If you like sea adventuring, there are two RPGs of sea exploring and pirating on the high seas. A hex-crawl about smugglers and adventures for Old-School Essentials and the OSR are available. There are also turtlefolk. Mothership gets an arena based space station. Unique RPGs include a roaring 20s comedy, a dark and gritty setting based on the band Faith No More, and an RPG about playing kids...

This Week in TTRPG


For its first book of D&D's 50th anniversary year, Wizards is going big with a multiverse-spanning, multiverse-threatening adventure where players will face off against one of the game’s most legendary villains.
A great monster book on its own but also useful as a supplemental guide to pre-existing fantasy worlds.
Play a vampire and kill nazis in WW2!
You won't survive this tragedy of doomed heroes!

Dungeons & Dragons

Gold dragons no longer have wings--just like they used to be!
Hasbro CEO plays in an Eastern Adventures D&D campaign.
Figments of imagination that make for deadly encounters or very, very cool familiars.
For its first book of D&D's 50th anniversary year, Wizards is going big with a multiverse-spanning, multiverse-threatening adventure where players will face off against one of the game’s most legendary villains.
360+ page hardcover which delves into Dungeons & Dragons' various worlds and settings.
Alternate Player's Handbook cover art by Wylie Beckert.

Industry News

D&D-powered cartoon fun from Cryptozoic Entertainment.
Developer tool released under Open RPG Creator (ORC) License.
SRD 5.2 will be released under Creative Commons next year.
One of only two TTRPG creators with four separate million dollar Kickstarters!
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