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Charles Dunwoody



Charles Dunwoody
Lords of the Middle Sea: An Interview
  • 3
I spoke with Jason Durall about Chaosium’s upcoming Lords of the Middle Sea Roleplaying Game for Basic Roleplaying. Based on Chaosium’s second board game of the same name, published in 1978, the...
GMing: What Keeps Long Running Campaigns Exciting?
  • 31
You have a new campaign to start. You need a starting location, NPCs, and an adventure. Months later, you need to make an adventure for a 14th level party who need strong NPCs and monsters to...
D6 Ways to be a Great Game Moderator
  • 9
RPGs have sections on what an RPG is, what dice are, rules, and usually GM advice including adventure design. However, knowing the accoutrements and rules of gaming do not necessarily lead to...
Roleplaying Fear Traps in Battle
  • 12
In most RPGs, battles start by rolling initiative. In the real world, battles start with fear. The attacker feels the adrenaline and sweat and the inner voice listing everything that could go...
D6 Basic Ways to Improve Your GMing
  • 36
Gamemasters are the beating heart of an RPG home game. Their hard work creates the adventures player characters play through and the world their characters experience. If you’re a GM you are...
Strange Aliens and Fantastic Planets Abound in M-SPACE and the M-S Companion
  • 22
M-SPACE works well for heroic and mythic sci-fi games, but can emulate everything from contemporary near-realistic settings to 1940s pulp-inspired heroes. With the M-SPACE Companion, cybernetics...
D6 Things to Do with RPGs Besides Play Them
  • 31
Table roleplaying games provide rules usually for nine or less players and a gamemaster to create characters, describe a world, and go on adventures. However, there are many other ways to...
Investigate Tales from the Loop in the Starter Set
  • 6
In 2017, Tales from the Loop took five gold Ennie awards. In 2020, a starter set comes with an optional virtual offer to include Roll20 content with the setting also playing on Amazon Prime as a...
Played It Review of Survive This!! Zombies!
  • 0
Survive This!! Zombies! blends old school rules with new innovations and mixes it with a cornucopia of zombies to distill a well-balanced cocktail of gaming enjoyment. The rules, while a bit...
Played It Review of Ryuutama Natural Fantasy Role Play
  • 13
In Ryuutama, the GM plays the Ryuujin, an NPC spirit guardian dragon, who records and sometimes interacts with a group of travelers played by the players. Together, the Ryuujin and PCs build towns...
D30 Overland Travel Mishaps
  • 30
Adventurers walking from one location to another with gear on their backs face several challenges. Whether backpacking in Traveller or Call of Cthulhu or journeying in Dungeons & Dragons or...
Use Scheming NPCs to Drive Conflict in Your Setting
  • 8
Shadow of the Demon Lord (SotDL) inflicts world shattering changes on the setting as a campaign advances. These changes impact the player characters whether they act on them or not. Use a similar...
Played It Review of The Hole in the Oak
  • 19
The Hole in the Oak arrived as a free adventure PDF from Exalted Funeral during the corona virus lockdown. Based on Old-School Essentials (combination of 1981’s Basic Dungeons & Dragons and Expert...
D&D Adventure Generator Using Talisman the Board Game
  • 10
Talisman is a game of wandering adventurers who encounter goblins and dragons, drink from magic streams and in taverns, and quest while facing ever more difficult challenges. The cards from...
Why I GM--In a Crisis or Otherwise
  • 3
It is April in the USA. It has been snowing for a couple of days. I’m in lockdown due to a deadly global pandemic. I’m tired, still working full time from home and fighting to overcome worry. With...
No Players? No Problem: Try These Solo Adventures!
  • 12
If you need to while away some hours, here are five free (during spring 2020), plus two more under $10, solitaire RPG adventures to try. Rules used include Call of Cthulhu, The Dark Eye, and...
Roll D6! More YouTube Channels to Enhance Your Gaming
  • 9
YouTube is not infinite like the planes, but it is so vast that no one GM can traverse it all. Here are d6 more YouTube channels to inform and enrich your RPG gaming. Or combine the list with the...
Roll D6! YouTube Channels to Enhance Your Gaming
  • 12
YouTube stretches like the infinite planes for any gamemaster willing to sift through 31 million channels looking for RPG gems. To save some time, here are d6 RPG channels to inspire and entertain...
Ranger, Why Do You Guard the Frontier?
  • 50
Rangers are warriors who roam the wilds defending civilization against monsters. Determining why your ranger lives such a rough life may open up new roleplaying opportunities for you to explore...
Review of Paleomythic, RPG of Stone and Sorcery
  • 21
Paleomythic is a stone and sorcery roleplaying game in which hunters, healers, and warriors struggle to overcome harsh winters, savage predators, and hostile tribes. PCs can experience a grim tale...

COMING SOON: 5 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game



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