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Charles Dunwoody



Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

RPG Print News–Renegade Game Studios, Exalted Funeral, and More
  • 6
All the weird stuff this week and that just seems right. Sleeved bodies for transhuman mind swapping, lost teenagers and text based roleplaying, solo magician RPGs, lots of D&D 5E adventures, and...
RPG Print News – Goodman Games, Modiphius, and More
  • 7
This week save Christmas Town from the Grinch and explore military mysteries onboard the Metamorphosis Alpha. Fill in character sheets for the Black Hack on nice paper. Grab your bat’leth or...
RPG Print News – Kobold Publishing, Osprey Games, and More
  • 9
This week play a Little Grey Alien in Dungeons & Dragons, enjoy other PC supplements, as well as adventures some complete with miniatures and game mats. There are character journals for players...
RPG Print News – Rowan, Rook, and Decard; Cubicle 7, and More
  • 17
This week a new setting and ancestry for Dungeons & Dragons as well as rules for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound and Lex Arcana for mythic Rome. Also a new model for miniatures is available along with...
RPG Print News – Monte Cook Games, Kobold Press, Green Ronin Publishing, and More
  • 6
This week add settlements to your D&D game, take young players on wilderness adventures, explore the world of Midgard, and fight the undead during the end of the world. Also a new adventure from...
Beautiful, Well Made, and Inspiring Gaming Gifts for Holidays
  • 1
Many wonderful RPG products are available if you are looking for a gift to give this holiday. Some are beautiful and well made, others inspiring, but all can increase the enjoyment of RPGs for the...
RPG Print News – Free League Publishing, Onyx Path Publishing, and More
  • 2
Become a US Marshal in the Old West, a wandering sellsword and would be king, or a lizard pirate. Explore worlds of fantasy, the Old West, the 1980s, and high society. And fantasy is not just for...
Talisman RPG: What Makes It Unique?
  • 26
Talisman the board game is great but certainly has a beer and pretzels quality that I thought would carry over to the RPG. Instead, Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a nuanced dark...
RPG Print News – Mongoose Publishing, Monte Cook Games, Schwalb Entertainment, and More
  • 7
Cyberpunk Red is out in the wild. Also this week travel into space, to an irreverent post-apocalyptic wasteland, and to 16th century fantasy Brazil. Go down a well, back to Spire, or build a...
I’m Really Thankful I’m a Gamer
  • 7
2020 continues to be challenging. And I don’t see going back to face to face gaming for a while yet. Though I miss gaming around a table rather than via pixels, I have found some unexpected joys...
D6 Holidays of Being Thankful
  • 2
Happy Roast Beast R&R to you and yours. Your sci-fi, fantasy, or other genre campaign may need a break in the hectic pace of adventures. A good holiday fits the bill and by holiday I mean a day...
RPG Print News – Petersen Games, Khepera Publishing, Catalyst, and More
  • 5
Sandy Petersen writing D&D adventures, animal adventurers, fantasy cyberpunk, world building rules and more. Fight ghouls and serpent people, play a courageous canine, run a bar, survive a zombie...
RPG Print News – Free League, Goodman Games, Monte Cook Games, and More
  • 10
Journey to lands of fantasy and the fantastic, learn your ABCs with Cthulhu, and check out the D&D adventures and boxed sets complete with maps and minis. Also, a new book of battle maps ready to...
Meet Ben Aaronovitch, Author of Rivers of London
  • 12
Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Rivers of London novels and graphic novels, kindly agreed to talk to me about his magical world and the upcoming RPG by Chaosium set in his world. Ben smiled, joked...
RPG Print News – Goodman Games, Free League Publishing, Troll Lords Games, and More
  • 19
More third party support for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition including adventures, monsters, and even pawns as well as a converted Castle Amber module. New core rulebooks and new adventures cover...
RPG Print News – Columbia Games, Goodman Games, Green Ronin, and More
  • 11
November is ushered in with books of magic and tomes covering new realities and fantastic realms. There is third party support for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, new core rulebooks, new setting...
The Horror! Call of Cthulhu's One Shot One Kill
  • 6
Halloween is a great time to try Call of Cthulhu and run a horror one shot. Call of Cthulhu offers a deep delve into a fictional setting of ancient gods and horrific monsters all linked through...
The Horror! Delta Green Double-Tap
  • 6
A two-shot of adventures to run this Halloween or anytime of the year: Kali Ghati and Lover in the Ice. Line up a haunting and finish off with some terrifying body horror running Delta Green. Both...
RPG Print News – Free League, Troll Lord Games, Ulisses Spiele, and More
  • 6
Halloween savings on Vaesan and MÖRK BORG core rules and new supplements! A horror-western to add to the spooky spirit of the season. Hardcovers, modules, and a playtest. Plus third party D&D 5E...
Rivers of London RPG: An Interview
  • 18
Lynne Hardy of Chaosium was kind enough to tell me more about the upcoming Rivers of London RPG. Based on the best selling-book series by Ben Aaronovitch, Rivers of London combines police...



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