Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody
Meet Shane Ivey: An Interview with Arc Dream Publishing
  • 2
Shane Ivey agreed to discuss all things Arc Dream Publishing with me including Delta Green and his Swords & Sorceries D&D 5E adventures inspired by ancient myth.
Wendy’s Presents: Feast of Legends (a Late Night Review)
  • 31
I have to be honest. I have a lot of adult responsibilities going on. What Stephen King calls stark raving reality. So when Wendy’s (yes the hamburger joint) released an art and map filled 93 page RPG called Feast of Legends in PDF and in print at New York Comic Con I had to dive in (PDF for me).
Face Unending Horror to Prove Your Mettle: Experience Never Going Home
  • 3
Officers sacrifice us to unlock the powerful Whispers of otherworldly Things from beyond the torn Veil. We’re all at constant risk of Corruption. I have managed to escape so far, but soon there will be no one left. Tell Mother I’m sorry. I’m never going home. Never Going Home (PDF and print can be requested from Wet Ink Games on Facebook) is a unit focused role-playing game set in horror...
Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Judicator? A Review of Mutant: Elysium
  • 2
Play a judicator and try to keep law and order in the decaying enclave of Elysium. You want your House to lead the way back to the surface and a new dawn in Mutant: Elysium.
Meet Brian St.Claire-King, Publisher and Writer of Vajra Enterprises
  • 0
Brian St.Claire-King agreed to an interview about his company, Vajra Enterprises and RPG works. He has authored several books using his ORC (Organic Rule Components) rules like Hoodoo Blues the Role Playing Game and Seeker the Role Playing Game.
Meet Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams of Triple Ace Games
  • 6
Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, co-founder of Triple Ace Games, kindly responded to my request for an interview. He has authored several books for Savage Worlds Hellfrost and Ubiquity Leagues of Adventure.
David Kizzia, Monkeyfun Studios, Discusses RPGs and Orangutans
  • 0
David Kizzia of Monkeyfun Studios, kindly agreed to an interview about his company and RPG work. Monkeyfun publishes the Spirit of 77 and Bedlam Hall RPGs and recently kickstarted a town called Malice.
Change the World as a Fate-Chosen in the Fateforge Core Rulebook
  • 9
Fate-chosen undertake great adventures, fight dangerous monsters, resist protean corruption, and overcome insidious threats in Fateforge, a quintessential D&D experience. Fateforge consists of five books with this core book as book one.
Stay on Budget, Search for New Life in Elevation
  • 8
The explorers of Elevation seek out new life and new cultures in a universe driven by greed and profit. On a shoestring budget and with outdated gear they pursue a noble vision of lifting up new worlds in the RPG Elevation.
Paul Elliott, Zozer Games, Publisher and Writer on the Alien RPG
  • 7
Paul Elliott, founder of Zozer Games, kindly responded to my request for a written interview. He is the author of the Hostile RPG and has worked on the upcoming Alien RPG.

Matthew Sprange, Mongoose Publishing, Discusses Traveller and Paranoia

  • 7
Seventeen years of writing and publishing RPGs like Conan, Babylon 5, Traveller, Legend, and Paranoia. Through Mongoose Publishing, Matthew Sprange continues to create RPGs designed to be played and enjoyed.

Gavin Norman, Necrotic Gnome, Talks Old-School Essentials and D&D 5E Dolmenwood

  • 20
Gavin Norman founded Necrotic Gnome to produce rules, adventures, and settings for Basic/Expert D&D. He’d played D&D as a kid in the 80s and when he returned to gaming as an adult he tried D&D 4E and Pathfinder. Because Basic D&D does not have rules for everything it requires a discussion between players and GM which Gavin enjoys. Instead of rolling to detect traps a player describes what and where they are searching which he found appealing. He decided he wanted to return to a simpler game that was more open ended.

You Are Expendable, Stay Alive if You Can with the Alien RPG Starter Kit

  • 5
The USCSS Montero starfreighter diverts to check out the distress call of the USCSS Cronus science exploration ship. As the crew unravels what is happening stress builds sharpening skills and creating panic. Bodies pile up and conflicting agendas demonstrate that in some ways humans are worse than aliens.

Discover Strange New Worlds for Index Card RPG and D&D

  • 3
Three worlds: fantasy, supernatural space fantasy, and weird western. One book filled with strange vistas, otherworldly threats, maps, and adventure ideas awaits you in Index Card RPG Worlds.

Michael Prescott on Creating Trilemma, Adventures, and Sandboxes

  • 1
“My adventures are inspired by the weather-stained heroism of Middle Earth, the grounded, emotional honesty of Earthsea, and the fantastic whimsy of stories like Rupert Bear,” says Michael Prescott. Trilemma combines detailed fantasy locations with a campaign hex map to offer GMs a world of adventure.

Eric Bloat, Owner of Bloat Games, Discusses RPGs and Kickstarters

  • 3
In 2017, Eric Bloat launched his first kickstarter Dark Places & Demogorgons (review) via his company Bloat Games. He expanded on his Survive This!! ruleset from Survive This!! Zombies to introduce an 80s town overrun by monsters. He also releases RPGs and supplements on

Sea of Dread: More Sea Adventures for D&D

  • 17
Ghosts of Saltmarsh brings seafaring adventure to D&D 5E. While it updates ten adventures, there are many more settings and adventures to explore via ship and beneath the waves. Here are additional settings and adventures for maritime D&D adventures.

Try to Survive This!! Vigilante City RPG Superheroics

  • 5
Gangs kill and terrorize Victory City overwhelming law and order. Super villains run amok. Become a vigilante and strike back using violence to fight violence in the dark setting nicknamed Vigilante City.

Tomas Härenstam, Lead Designer for Mutant: Year Zero, Talks Free League RPGs

  • 9
In 2014, working with Modiphius as co-publisher, Tomas Härenstam led the design for Mutant: Year Zero RPG (MY0) (review) in English by Free League (Fria Liga in Swedish and (overview). His story begins and continues beyond MY0 as he explained in this interview.

Bastien DeHarme’s "Great Fervor" for His Upcoming Gods RPG

  • 12
An RPG gamer becomes a successful artist and turns his talents to create the RPG he dreams about. Gods the Roleplaying Game, slated for a May 2020 release, is dark fantasy brought to life through rules, setting, art, and story as first envisioned by artist and writer Bastien Lecouffe DeHarme. This interview details his journey.


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