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Charles Dunwoody


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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

October 2021
Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

RPG Print News – Modiphius, Green Ronin, and More
  • 4
This week includes more support for D&D and new classes for Pathfinder 2E and Pathfinder 1E . Sci-fi also gets a boost with ships for The Expanse, Klingons for Star Trek Adventures, and revised...
Campaign Kickoff: Impossible Landscapes
  • 8
Delta Green brings horror and modern conflict to game tables with plenty of adventure support. And now it has an entire connected campaign called Impossible Landscapes. A GM can kick off an entire...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Arc Dream Publishing, and More
  • 14
This week in fantasy sees Drizz’t minis for D&D, an adventure and supplement for Warhammer and Symbaroum, and the race of moon elves. Alien has a marine book, Star Trek has dice, and the Starship...
Interview with Jeremy Childrey about Cocaine and Alligators
  • 20
Jeremy Childrey creates RPGs and releases them through Gordinaak Games. His RPGs use systems like Mothership and Troika! to create crazy imaginative settings and options aimed at adults. If you...
RPG Print News – Mongoose, Catalyst, Raging Swan, and More
  • 1
This week is filled with amazing RPG books. PCs can play clowns, vampire hunters, mech warriors, gamers metagaming PCs inside an RPG, a lost dwarf, and more. Traveller has a new system to explore...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Necrotic Gnome, and More
  • 21
Another amazing week with so many releases. Plenty of adventure support (and more for D&D) for D&D, PF 2E, PF 1E, and OSE/D&D Basic and D&D Expert. Soulbound gets its first rule supplement. And a...
Review of Soulbound: Champions of Order
  • 1
Soulbound—Champions of Order expands the Soulbound core rulebook with new archetypes, talents, miracles, spells, endeavours, and equipment. It also offers a deeper dive into the world of Soulbound...
RPG Print News – Chaosium, Arc Dream, Osprey, and More
  • 25
Cocaine & Alligators is why I keep searching for RPGs each week. Yeah, the supplement for Troika!, what did you think I meant? Gems like this one keep me sane. And so many other great RPGs this...
Game in Many Settings with the Elemental Core Rules
  • 2
Elemental is a rules light universal roleplaying game with free adventure and rule support on Drivethrurpg. The rules summary fits on one page and the system uses a d6 roll high with modifiers...
RPG Print News – Kobold Press, Superhero Necromancer Publishing, and More
  • 6
This week sees releases for D&D and unique RPG opportunities like playing a sentient bug, a stage actor, or a pro wrestler. A classic dungeon for D&D and the freezing arctic for Pathfinder 1st...
Interview with JM about the Elemental RPG and Its Continual Free Support
  • 8
Elemental is an easy to learn and use universal RPG by Gildor Games. JM is one of the driving forces behind the game. He was willing to answer some of my questions about the game, about...
RPG Print News – Modiphius, Catalyst, and More
  • 1
A huge range of genres and RPG options this week. An amazing mix of old favorites, whimsy, death, war, and the weird. Play a scaled PC in Arcanis or a ruler in Conan. Guard your game with screens...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Legendary Games, and More
  • 2
Legendary Games is back putting out more content for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Pathfinder 2E, and Pathfinder 1E including a full multi-volume adventure path, a new class, and a new magazine style...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Mongoose, EN Publishing and More
  • 0
This week involves travel back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s for inspiration. There are adventures for the world’s oldest roleplaying game and its various versions. So two adventures for D&D...
RPG Print News – Chaosium, Arc Dream Publishing, Modiphius, and More
  • 8
This week has so many winners. Chaosium, Arc Dream Publishing, Modiphius, Goodman Games, Legendary Game, and Troll Lord Games all have new releases for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Dune is back...
War is Hell in Wrath & Glory’s Bloody Gates and On the Wings of Valkyries
  • 6
Bloody Gates and On the Wings of Valkyries are war-torn adventures for Wrath & Glory. The PCs are Imperium soldiers experiencing the worst war throws at them. These adventures are visceral and...
RPG Print News – Mongoose, Legendary Games, R. Talsorian, and More
  • 4
Pathfinder 2E gets spell cards and Starfinder gets cursed. Paranoia has R&D forms and a book on extinction level events that inevitably follows. Cyberpunk Red gets a GM screen. There is also a new...
RPG Print News – Atlas Games, Modiphius, and More
  • 1
So much great stuff this week. Post-apocalyptic dinosaurs and Scorn Lords for Old-School Essentials. Monsters for Pathfinder 2E and new classes for Pathfinder 1E. Adventures for Feng Shui 2 (also...
RPG Print News – Mongoose , Modiphius, Legendary Games and More
  • 2
A little bit of everything this week. Decks of magic items for D&D along with a supplement filled with new rules. Grafts for third-party classes are out for Starfinder. The Cthulhu Hack, and...
Embark on a Terrifying Journey in Call of Cthulhu’s The Children of Fear
  • 11
The Children of Fear (PDF) for Call of Cthulhu (PDF) ranges across 1920s Asia, spreading the fear and horror of the Mythos or the occult through multiple countries. The investigators (or heroes)...

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