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Charles Dunwoody


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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

October 2021
Possible Dragon Book?

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

Malleus Monstrorum Unboxing (Not Responsible for Nightmares or TPKs)
  • 0
I picked up Malleus Monstrorum because of Pulp Cthulhu (review). In Pulp Cthulhu PCs are heroes who shoot and fight to defeat the Mythos. I want my PCs to fight cultists and evil villains but also...
RPG Print News – Kobold Press, EN Publishing, and More
  • 15
Ptolus is back and it is still huge. Many more D&D products are also out for monsters, monster building advice, new spells, dragons, the world of Midgard, and conditions tracked by rings used with...
Shoot Mi-Gos Right in the Convoluted Ellipsoid in Pulp Cthulhu
  • 24
Pulp Cthulhu (Pulp Cthulhu print) is one of the main reasons I enjoy Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition so much. You play a hero instead of an investigator, you live a bit longer, and you have a bit more...
What Threatens Middenheim in the Adventure The Horned Rat?
  • 9
Middenheim is one of those places you don’t easily forget. It could be a Chaos cult trying to burn down the city. Or imaginary rat-men said to be lurking just beneath the street. In The Horned Rat...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Pegasus Spiele, Game Tank, and More
  • 21
This week brings an amazing wizard’s dice tower built out of toy bricks, adventures for D&D, and a Warhammer FRPG adventure and adventure support. Talisman Adventures the RPG is finally here in...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Wet Ink Games, and More
  • 7
So much fantasy for D&D, Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry: an alternate cover Ravenloft, adventures, and a magic item book are all out. Also available is the excellent Soulbound RPG Starter Set...
Played It Review and Unboxing of the Call of Cthulhu Slipcase Set
  • 16
The Call of Cthulhu RPG offers rules and a 1920s setting of cosmic mind-bending horror together in one package. In a similar way, the Call of Cthulhu Slipcase Set combines a book of comprehensive...
RPG Print News – Legendary Games, Pelgrane Press, and More
  • 9
Lots of new support for D&D, Pathfinder, and OSR RPGs including a magazine, a new class, adventures, monsters, and psionics. Fantasy Trip gets character collections. The week rounds out with a...
Soulbound Starter Set Unboxing and Overview
  • 11
After opening dozens of box sets over the years, I rarely find one that surprises me. The Soulbound Starter Set (PDF) serves as the reason I still look forward to opening new RPG box sets. On rare...
RPG Print News – River Horse, Gaming Ballistic, and More
  • 4
Campaign support and adventures for Swords & Wizardry kick off this week’s new RPGs. Exalted Funeral has new supplements for the DCC RPG. River Horse has new Equestria material to make your Pretty...
RPG Print News – Troll Lord Games, Exalted Funeral, and More
  • 2
Lots of fantasy options this week. Sea monsters for D&D and an adventure for Castles & Crusades kicks us off. Next up is a mutating moth grub yearning to shoot god rays to immolate a kingdom for...
RPG Print News – Mongoose Publishing, Columbia Games, and More
  • 4
A pirate companion for Traveller The Pirates of Drinax waits for freebooters, dungeon pets are looking for a home for a variety of fantasy systems, and Harn gets more detailed locations. The week...
RPG Print News – Hero Games, Onxy Path Publishing, and More
  • 11
This month brings more monsters to D&D from DMDave, one on one adventures for Call of Cthulhu, dark historical settings for Chronicles of Darkness, and NPCs and an adventure for Champions. Also...
RPG Print News – Fantasy Flight Games, Pinnacle, and More
  • 5
New cards with animal stats and a module for D&D, a set of GM tools for the Devil’s Run Roleplaying Game, lots of stuff for the Weird West including rules and adventures and dice, war rules and an...
RPG Print News – Ulisses Spiele, Pinnacle, Palladium and More
  • 18
New adventures and decks for D&D. Hardcover copies of classic Palladium rulebooks. Tokens and more for TORG Eternity. Adventures and other books for Big Eyes, Small Mouth. With a final stop in...
RPG Print News – Goodman Games, Nightfall Games, and More
  • 5
The Decks of Many Things for D&D and a new adventure for the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG. SLA Industries is back in a new edition. The Cyberpapacy is also back for Torg Eternity. Finally, Ryuutama...
Interview with Derik Dunning, Author of D&D and Call of Cthulhu Products
  • 18
I had the opportunity to interview Derik Dunning, who recently published British Raj: A Masque of the Red Death Guide to British India for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
RPG Print News – Gaming Paper, Gale Force Nine, WizKids, and More
  • 24
World maps, miniature towers, spells, magic decks of wonder, and blank square and hex maps for your D&D campaigns this week. Also, supplements, adventures, and minis for sci-fi RPGs. And a reprint...
RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Legendary Games, and More
  • 7
Monsters and new rules for D&D. Madness and cults for Pathfinder. A new system of Warhammer 40k. Animals and undead miniatures for Animal Adventures. All rounded out with new ships for Star Trek...
City of Mist Starter Box First Look
  • 2
With the kickstarted City of Mist Starter Box in my hands, I’m going to open it up and see if it looks like I really can learn the game using the step by step rule introduction. The full set of...

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