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Not DnD | The Long Road Home

A TTRPG about friends returning from an epic fantasy quest.

The Long Road Home is a role-playing story game about friends returning from an epic fantasy quest, hoping they will find their loved ones safe back home.

The game was inspired the idea of the Hobbits travelling home after the events of their great quest. Reminiscing together about the friends they made and lost along the way, and wondering whether they will find their touchstone back home.

Join Jessica and creator Alex White from Plane Sailing Games to learn more about this upcoming game.

Not DnD is a weekly show discussing tabletop roleplaying games. Each week EN Publishing’s @tabletopjess interviews the creators behind different tabletop roleplaying games that aren’t D&D!

Watch the live recording every Monday at 6pm EDT / 10pm GMT on YouTube or Twitch, or catch up with the podcast platform of your choice by searching 'Not DnD'.

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