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Arc Dream Announced Black Company RPG
Uses new game engine built on "suspense, terror, and savage heroics".
Planet of the Apes Roleplaying Game Coming from Magnetic Press
Core rulebook, miniature line available for pre-order soon
Our Brilliant Ruin, an Interview with Studio Hermitage
New company Studio Hermitage has finally revealed their flagship new RPG “Our Brilliant Ruin” in...
Philip Reed’s Dank & Dark, A Children’s Board Book TTRPG
Phil is creating a full TTRPG in a unique physical format. It’s really cool, so I asked him...
Dragonbane Bestiary Adds Antagonists And Allies To Your Game
Monsters AND player options for Free League’s TTRPG.
Crown and Skull: An Interview with Runehammer
Runehammer has a stunning and innovative new RPG out called Crown and Skull.
Shin Megami Tensei RPG Getting English Language Edition
First English edition for the Megami Tensei/Persona RPG
Running Mongoose Publishing: An Interview with Matthew Sprange
Matthew Sprange was kind enough to talk to me about running an RPG company, writing, adventures...
Not DnD | The Long Road Home
A TTRPG about friends returning from an epic fantasy quest.
Steamforged Games Making the Tales of the Valiant Starter Set
Steamforged announced partnership with Kobold Press for Black Flag boxed set
Board Game Arkham Horror Getting an RPG from Edge Studio
The boxed starter set will debut at Gen Con with a simultaneous worldwide release
Crush Depth Apparition: An Interview with Amanda Lee Franck
Crush Depth Apparition is the latest RPG release from author and artist Amanda Lee Franck.
NASA Releases The Lost Universe TTRPG Adventure
Free adventure from the US space agency adds real science to fantasy roleplay
Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio
“Colonial Gothic is a supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the...
Critical Role's 'Daggerheart' Open Playtest Starts In March
System plays on 'the dualities of hope and fear'.
Mörk Borg Articulated Action Figure: An Interview With Justin Sirois (Severed Toys)
Mörk Borg, the award-winning TTRPG by Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilsson, is getting an action figure...
Not DnD | The Magus Today At 5pm ET/10pm GMT
Join Jessica as she talks to the creators of this solo RPG about “pathos, calamity, and the...
We’re Going To Need You To Come In And Read This Review On A Saturday
Work for an evil corporation in a dead end job in the satirical Corp Borg.
Tomb Raider Licensed RPG Announced by Evil Hat Publishing
Lara Croft is coming to tabletops in 2025
ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged: Talking With Daniel D. Fox (World of Game Design)
In this interview, Daniel talks about the latest version of his TTRPG and provides a short...
Shadow of the Weird Wizard Is Finally Here!
Long anticipated, it’s here! You can grab the PDF from DriveThruRPG. In fact, it has hit the #1...

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