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Not finding the headline font super legible.


Not just you - legibility is a bit problematic right now. I would hope that this gets weeded out once things have settled down a bit.


Orcus on a bad day
I am with you. There's so much new and cool on the site and they've mentioned a lot more work to go so I didn't want to mention anything yet and seem like sour grapes. But since there's a comment on it, I find it hard to read - it all seems to run together. Maybe increasing the kerning so the characters are slightly farther apart or increasing the thickness of the outline would help.


Orcus on a bad day
It looks like it's been switched to white with black border, which I am finding more readable.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I didn't see the early yellow font, but the new white with black border looks great on my laptop. May help that I have a high DPI screen on my laptop with a large LED TV as my extended monitor.

One the mobile version the font isn't as heavy. Still white with black boarder but lighter font-weight. Not sure if this the responsive design of the website, or Chrome mobile, but in any event, I'm finding the site very readable on my iPhone X and on my laptop. But I will say, after looking at the site on my phone, I'm finding I DO like the lighter font weight. Not that it is easier to read, but it is more pleasant to look at IMO.


Lowcountry Low Roller
It’s much better now thanks :) one last suggestion: increase the opacity behind the headline, sometimes text underneath bleeds through a bit too much. But it’s a minor nit.