WOIN Not quite as gritty damage

I enjoyed the EONS article "Game Modes." Conditions status tracks advance when an attack throw has three sixes are rolled. In the article it is suggested that every hit adbanced the status instead. For a game I am running this is too much, but the standard is too little.

I was thinking that there is another way to get more shades-of-gray between gritty and sandard WOIN damage: adjust the number of dice that inflict a condition on the target. So it might occur on three sixes (standard), two sixes, one six, or none (as in the gritty version). The odds are interesting, lets take a look at a 3d6 and 5d6 attack and see what the chance of rolling a number of sixes.

0: 100.0%
1: 42.1%
2: 7.4%
3: 0.4%

0: 100.0%
1: 59.8%
2: 19.6%
3: 3.5%

Thanks for reading. Speak your minds.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
That article was written for v1.1 rules -- with the v1.2 conditions, which are more severe from the first stage, having them inflicted on every crit would be too deadly.

D&D's 1-in-20 (5%) for a crit "feels" about right to me; I'd personally find having a near 20% chance on 5d6 (and much higher with more dice) to be too much normally, but might suit Grit Mode. I'd have to try it and see how it feels though.

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