D&D General Now You Can Buy Gygax & Arneson Miniatures!

If you wanted miniatures of D&D co-creators Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, now's your chance! These two miniatures feature on the cover of Jon Peterson's new book, Game Wizards: The Epic Battle for Dungeons & Dragons, and now you can have them for $12.99!


Sculpted by Jim Wampler.

NEW RELEASE: Game Wizards Gary and Dave white metal miniatures are now available through the Mudpuppy Store. Hit the link below and get 'em while they're hot!

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The photo seems to show not great casts. There is a lot of pitting. That can sometimes be the result of using too much mold release or powder in the rubber mold. It can also be problems with the pewter. Or it could just be a bad picture - hard to say.

There are ways to prep the minis if you want a smoother finish. I believe it was Jérémie Bonamant Teboul, a French miniatures designer and painter who used watered down milliput to smooth miniature to gain a better painting surface. It is an extra step, but depending on your desired level of painting might be worth the time.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Fun fact: apparently Gary Con started after Gygax's funeral. His family and friends were all there, unsurprisingly a lot were gamers, and you can guess what started.

Ironically it's probably a good way to remember the guy.
Yes. "GaryCon 0" it is sometimes referred to as. I believe I saw Allan Grohe talk about it in an interview not long ago.

And quite sincerely, GaryCon is a great way to commemorate Gary and the other creators.

I usually only buy cheap minis, but I couldn't resist.


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