D&D General NPC: Thanath, Goliath Carnie


Thanath is a goliath that runs Goblin Wrestling at the Festival.

He has a loud bellow that drowns out crowds around him.

He dresses like a sailor and wields a ship anchor in combat.

He is a bardbarian.


Gob Squad
He has a squad of 12 squat, muscular goblins. These gray skinned goblins have shaved heads and tribal tattoos like goliaths do.

Gisb, Abs, Grax, Pryg, Plect, Pletik, Utokt, Chabex, Ukiork, Grus, Deelk, and Term.

Pryg is the smallest.

Utokt, Chabex, Ukiork are the three biggest.

Goblin Wrestling
Thanath has an octagon for wrestling matches, and the Gob Squad wrestles. When a contestant steps up the Gob Squad will bounce and tumble around the octagon, standing on each other’s shoulders in different combinations until they get a pair the same height as the character. Thanath will announce the goblins that “stack up”. The Gob Squad is pretty buff for goblins, and have a +0 modifier for their Strength (Athletics) check. Particularly tall characters (any that have the Powerful Build trait) may have to face three or four of the Gob Squad. In this case each of the goblins get a Strength (Athletics) check and the character has to beat the highest of the 3 (or 4!) rolls.

The winner of Goblin Wrestling gets to describe the wrestling match in game.

Goliath Wrestling
Particularly bold challengers can instead face Thanath himself in the octagon. Thanath is much tougher competition and requires multiple Strength (Athletics) checks to win, much like a skill challenge.

A character and Thanath face off in a series of rounds. Each round consists of an opposed Strength (Athletics) check. Thanath rolls first to set the number to beat. Highest roll wins the round. The first to win three rounds wins the match. When the player wins the round, he gets to describe it.

As a bardbarian, Thanath has +9, advantage from raging, and once per match can use his bard cutting words to give his opponent -1d6 from their roll.

When Thanath wrestles, the Gob Squad climbs on the outside of the octagon and bangs on its sides and starts a chant through the crown cheering for Thanath.

Thanath pulls prizes out of a large sea chest.

Now the Story
Unlike when you look up a recipe online, I’ll give you what you want first, then tell you the story behind it after.

In my current game, it is currently Growfest. The week long spring festival that starts the new year. When describing the festival, I pulled a bunch of the carnival games from Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but reskinned to fit Eska.

We play online, and actually get a lot of play done in our Discord between sessions as play by post in our Gameday channel. This was really easy to run on Discord, using whatever dice rolling bot you prefer.

After some shopping at the festival, goblin wrestling was the first activity they picked. One of my players had suggested that a goliath runs the event. I got names using Fantasy Name Generators. When I started looking for images to use for Thanath, I realized that most goliath art looks like the same goliath. The piece by Lucas Masseti really jumped out to me, especially the sailor theme. It really stands out in Roxaluna, the town they are currently in. Roxaluna is the Eska version of Taos, NM.

The goliath was a plant by my player who suggested him. He wanted to wrestle a goliath and suggested the skill challenge. We pounded out the details, and I googled “goliath wrestler” and found that bardbarian build. Perfect challenge for my 5th level party.

It was a tough loss for the player, but the skill challenge was exciting!


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