O.G.R.E. Bugs and Feature requests


EN World's Online Generic Randomizer Engine (OGRE) is a powerful, flexible framework to create your own random generators and share them with other EN World members. It is currently in beta, and as such has some bugs.
[h=1]Script Bugs[/h]
{switch: $value} - The {case: default} statement isn't optional, and if you don't have it, it will case problems with your table or generator.
{loop: X} - While loop will currently accept, the dice script to run a variable number of times, it does not currently accept variables. For example {loop: {1d4+1}} is valid, while {loop: $value} is not.
|firstcap - sets all other case to lowercase, rather than just making the first letter a capital letter.
-- note that this is intended functionality; it was designed to turn OGRE into Ogre.

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