D&D General Obscure monsters that you got great use out of

A prior dm of mine got a lot of use out of Battlebriars - basically druidic constructs as siege weapons. They're nasty, fun and different.

Also, I have never met a dm who has heard of asperi, which saddens me. Those are neat.

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Cooshee; what’s not to like about a green-furred eleven dog.
Smilodon; my hangover from reading REH as a teen, plus having a great miniature. I ran a high level game where one of the characters had one as the emblem on his shield which transformed to the real thing, rather like a summon nature’s ally.


A suffusion of yellow
Based on a typo of ghoul in an OD&D encounter chart it became a full monster in Moldvay B/X Basic D&D.
and the first weird creature to really blow my mind :p

(I remember going through the red box and even the Thouls placement in the book hightlighted its misfit nature)

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