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Odd Places that Make Decent Locations in Game

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Hand of Evil

Pyote Air Force Base 220px-Pyoteab-1.jpg

Also called Rattlesnake Bomber Base - this was a stop my dad and I made on your way to Round Valley. At a rest stop, there was a sign that told you why it was called rattlesnake, yes a lot of rattlesnakes in the area. During building, the found hollow spaces under a thin layer of sand, these hollow space where den to rattlesnake, lots of rattlesnakes, 10s of thousands. I could not find reference to the number on-line and wish I took pics of the information but thought it was interesting.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Barcelona, Spain has a number of buildings designed by Gaudi. Gaudi loved curves and colors. His biggest building is the Sacra Familia cathedral.* In town, he also designed some apartment buildings and houses for the wealthy. He planned out what was supposed to become a suburb (in the 1920s) but it never took off. The completed 'model house' looks like the winning entry in a Gingerbread House contest, life-sized.

For D&D purposes, making a neighborhood of Gaudi buildings would be a unique (and hopefully memorable) place to adventure through.

* 100 years a-building and still not finished. Although the City DID finally send over the construction permits!


Looking for group
I'm running a Vampire 5th edition chronicle set in modern day San Francisco. The Malkavian primogen is very religious and I was hoping I could find an abandoned church for him to live in. And I did! Sort of. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I came across the Church of 8 Wheels which is a very large former Roman Catholic church which was converted in a roller rink.

The primogen is very old and religious but when I found this skating ring it changed how I envisioned the character. Instead of being a fire and brimstone type of preacher I made him kind of a hippie. He's nearly 1,000 years old but he was influenced by hippie Christianity in the 1960s and 70s. He's a holy rollerskating vampire.

Anyone have a real life location serving as an influence for their game? Any setting.
I've lived right around the corner from that church for 10 years—and still haven't gone roller skating there.


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Damn! Too many of my links have gon dead. Might have to correct that at some future point…

But in the meantime:

The Ark of Bukhara in Uzbekistan

Matsumoto Castle, Japan

Eltz Castle, Germany

Sumela Monastery, Turkey

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