D&D 5E Official Dragonlance Minis Are On The Way!

Wizkids has announced a set of 49 official Dragonlance prepainted plastic miniatures. You can pre-order them now for an early 2023 release.


The sets available include:

Dragonlance 7 ct. Booster Brick
Dragonlance Kensaldi on Red Dragon
Dragonlance Promo Takhisis Box 1 Retail
Dragon Army Warband
Kalaman Military Warband
Draconian Warband


Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 5.43.22 PM.png

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Who is the one with the mask holding a fireball? Looks like some sort of cleric...
And the red thing with all the tadpole/worms crawling along it - a red slaad?


If you click the pre-order button you see some more stuff
Thanks for the tip. On the additional figures, it looks like a lady in a white robe (reimagined Astinus of Palanthius?), Knight of Solomnia (Derek Crownguard? Lord Guthar? Huma ?!?), a kender of some sort, one of Soth's skeletal knights on horseback, and either a skeleton or Soth on an (undead) dragon.

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