D&D General Official Dungeons & Dragons 50th Anniversary logo and an Official Forgotten Realms Symphonic Suite titled "Bardic Inspiration"


So, stopping by Target for diapers and batteries on Black Friday (as one does), I decided to sneak a peek at the new 5E artbook, Legends & Lore. I haven't gotten it yet as it is on my Christmas list, but I was curious to see if there was anything interesting and new in the back...and there was. Not only was there some cool stuff announced, near as I can tell nobody has talked about it yet on the Internet, so here goes.

First up is the official 50th anniversary logo for the holden jubilee of the game. Haven't seen it before, but no doubt it will be everywhere in the next year:


The other element of interest is the announcement of a full symphonic suite by the composer Michael Gatt for the Forgotten Realms called Bardic Inspiration: A Musical Journey through the Forgotten Realms. Per the book, "this musical composition will establish signature themes and sounds for prominent characters, factions and locations within D&D' beloved Forgotten Realms setting."


There will be a 70+ piece orchestra and and a 40 person choir performing this suite, pictured here recording in Vienna in December 2022 recording the track "Arise, Tiamat!":


Very cool seeming to me as a fan of through-composed music, and it makes me wonder what format we will see this in.

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This symphonic suite puts me in mind of the Spelljammer album...maybe this is an indication that there will be a FR slipcase or box set or some such.
I would say that a "prestige product" like the Dragonlance set or the Deck of Many Things set around the holidays would be most likely. I really can't see a slip-case simply because (a) there's not much call for a full bestiary book (there are very few FR-specific monsters that haven't been covered elsewhere - the phaerimm, sharn, and deepspawn are really the only important ones that haven't been done) and (b) there's no need for a FR-specific adventure as well... we have a whole lot of them already! So, basically a 196 - 224 page setting book (maybe more if we're lucky), plus... something(s) else like the game in the DL set or the card set with the BoMT set. The music could be part of it, but I doubt all of it. I'd love it if we got a whole bunch of Schley maps, for example. The setting book would still be available separately for those who don't want the extra bells and whistles.

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