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Player(s) wanted, in person pen and paper rpgs in Singapore
Old School, open sandbox style game with modern systems and sensibilities. lgbtq friendly, experienced Game Moderator. Emphasis on fun and epic adventure. I like (and create) themed zones or environments, epic monsters and the occasional recurring villains. Depending on player tastes I run everything from ball-room who-dunnits, massive underdark dungeon crawls to mass battles over dominions. I tend to roll a lot of dice- treating them as inspiration rather than mechanical results. I treat the rules as a starting point, guidelines to enable verisimilitude, not a straight-jacket. In other words, it might be 5th edition but it can be any sort of game we want.

My intention would be to run a game fortnightly, give me time to plan between sessions. We will choose a time that suits most players- preference being Saturday night, but I’m flexible. If folks can make it consistently on a Wednesday night, then that’s when we run it. I have run online campaigns via roll20, and it has certain horror advantages, but it is a lot more work with a lot less fun and feedback/vibe. And no shared snacks! I’m not against online, but I have space to run the game, so looking for local players in Singapore. I am happy to take random new players, but also happy to run for an existing group.

Published campaigns I have run and completed in the past include "Desert of Desolation", "Out of the Abyss", "Castle Greyhawk", "Age of Worms", "Tomb of Annihilation", "Bloodstone Saga H1-4", and run homebrew sandboxes in Dark Sun, Ravenloft, Sigil, Dragonlance, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, warhammer old world, Lanhkmar, Kara-tur, Conan-Hyboria, Slaine, Redsteel..
yeh that all brings back some memories..happy to run in one of those styles or something new.

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