[Offline] GM looking for a couple of players in Toleodo, OH


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D&D 5e
Hello. I have recently lost a few players for my ongoing campaign. I have room for 2 new players to join the Warlock, Bard, Wizard, and Paladin on their adventure to gain some pirate treasure and then move onto a campaign of taking out the BBEGs. They are currently level 9. There is a small amount of roleplay that gets done and lots of combat from the party. I am open to people who want to roleplay and not just kill things. I am also LGBTQ+ and new player friendly. We meet every other Sunday with our next session coming up this Sunday, October 29th in Holland, OH. We play noon-6pm typically. This started as a homebrew campaign taking place in the Forgotten Realms. There is an overall story arch I will share if your interested. You can DM if your interested. Again this is in Holland, OH. An in person game.

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