Ohio Gameday - Feb 24, 2007 - Fun was had by one and all!


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Bubbalicious said:
Not if it's just a completely separate webpage.

They won't have to sign into that web page? Are we going to have an e-mail address sand a page to look at for updates? Are people going to post anonomously so no sign in?

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BlueBlackRed said:
I think he's asking what the advantage is of going with another site when you have a perfectly good one right here.

I'm getting to that point, but first I need to understand what their alternative is. :D


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Here, they would have to register with ENWorld in order to post. You have to post to sign up for games. If it's a seperate site, no one is required to register for any particular site to attend and sign up for games.


Let's put this to bed: the reason I had entertained the idea of a separate site for signups was because I was looking for a way to do automated first-come signups for all comers. This was in part because I was told to expect a larger number of locals this time around (the number floated around was around 30+), and I wanted to even the playing field somewhat for those unfamiliar with ENWorld. But, after talking things over with the manager at the Bookery, we'll be proceeding with what has worked in the past and doing signups in a thread just like last year. So, without further ado,

[b=4]We'll begin signups for games beginning first thing Friday January 12, 2007 in this thread.[/b]

But before we do, there are a few things you might want to know:

- There is no fee for this event, unless you want to count gas and food.
- Parts of the site are not wheelchair accessible; we've got two very large tables on the first floor which we'll likely use, as well as another 11 in the basement. The ones in the basement are accessible only via a set of stairs.
- We will be having three time slots - 10 to 2, 3 to 7, and 8 to 11:30. All times are approximates. The store itself opens at 9 AM, and you can expect to see retail traffic until about 9 PM.


GMs: if you are interested in running a game, please post a synopsis/summary of the game you would like to run.

Players: just a reminder that all signups are on a first come basis.

Everyone: we look forward to seeing you!


Hi all!

Using this thread and some word of mouth as a baseline, this is what we've got game-wise so far:

Crothian running a Paranoia game (an Orc&Pie sequel?).
ashockney running a possible 17th level 3.5 adventure
BlueBlackRed running a gestalt 20 level high-powered D&D game
D'Shai (possibly running another Dwarf game, maybe swashbuckling - who knows?)
Enkhidu running a TBD D&D game (maybe another visit to an old classic, maybe something different).

BlueBlackRed is the only one who has voiced an opinion on time slots, and the first table in the 3PM - 7PM slot goes to him if he still wants it.

But, since I haven;t got enough info yet to really get the ball rolling:

All GMs and would-be GMs should post a quick synopsis of their game ASAP
As summaries get posted, I will add them to the list in the first post of this thread.

See you all there!


Enkhidu said:
BlueBlackRed is the only one who has voiced an opinion on time slots, and the first table in the 3PM - 7PM slot goes to him if he still wants it.
I'll get the synopsis out soon. Been busy this week.


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Im thinking about running a short intro to DMing adventure. Ive never DMd seriously before and am a little apprehensive about trying, but I figured if I am going to start it may as well be with ENWorlders. I have some stuff planned but Id appreciate input.
The game would probably be a basic dungeon crawl using 4 pregen 4th level characters. Basically as easy of a transition for me as possible. Hit me up if interested in playing or helping me to not suck at my first run. zach.hartman@gmail dot com


BBR's Overpowered Extravaganza of Cheese!

Simple enough with a lot of "buts".
- Afternoon slot (if possible).
- Up to 6 players.
- Everyone will have a gestalt level 20 character with 0xp above the amount needed to reach level 20.
- XP will be gained from combat to combat.
- Players have access to PHB only for their characters.
- You will only have 2 classes at level 20, no prestige or multiclassing (beyond gestalt itself) and you may not take a doubled class (as in fighter twice).
- 25 point buy. Additional stat points will come from the standard level gains, and if you prefer, buying the magical stat-increasing tomes.
- 750,000gp to buy equipment. No more then 25% in one item. No more than 25% in one-use items (potions/scrolls).
- During combat, your PC's actions must be finished within 1 minute of time.
- If you're going to play a druid, or summon critters - please have everything ready for the summoned creatures or you shape change prior to the game.
- Wizards have all the wizard spells in the PHB.
- Usable deities are the standard PHB Greyhawk deities.
- All alignments are allowed, but PC vs PC combat is not.

Due to the plentiful chance of something I can't foresee happening, I ask that you have patience.

If needed,t I'll open up a new thread somewhere for character planning and discussion.

Any questions?


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Afternoon timeslot

Paranoia Orc and Pie Part IV

Greeting Citizens!! The Glorious Computer has requested (ordered) you to come join in on this once in a lifetime experience (except if you happen to have played before or get to later in life). It seems once again the O.R.C.s (Organized Red Commies) have stole the P.I.E (Access Denied!!). Your trouble shooting team will have a lot of fun on this easy and very safe mission. The mission may in some ways make you think you are enjoying another (non fun) RPG but that is purely intentional.

This game requires no actual experience playing Paranoia. Characters will be provided. Players of previous Orc And Pie Paranoia games are permitted to play again as any similiarity between games is purely coincidental. The game supports up to 8 players with the seven and eight person slots being special experimental characters. It is paranoia in every way except for all the ways it differs.
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Here There Be Monster And Free Swag!

Waves Hi to Blueblackred.

I want to play! Hell that is my FLGS! I want to play!

Here There Be Monsters will also give away some free swag!

-A Physical print copy of the first HTMB: Veiled Denizens pdf (19 pages full color, check out the cover below and some of the art on my blog).

-A pdf subscription to every issue of the Here There Be Monsters series for the life of the series. (that is as of right now at least 5 months worth of swag, as we have 5 issues in the bag and several more in the barn).

I also would like to playtest some monsters from the HERE THERE BE MONSTERS series! (and not let Blueblackred run them badly and watch them all die to a sacred firestorm in the WLD or sum such)

These would be done as quick play or as a full term adventure. Mostly I want let other folks DM the monsters or at worst me to DM them. If we need players I can strong arm 6 other players no problem.
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- Any time slot available. ( I will take what I can get)
- Up to 6 players, any level of experiance from newb to you started with chainmail!
- Everyone will have a pre gen character; self made characters are allowed.
- XP will be gained encounter to encounter.
- Players can access the SRD or PHB, you can access other book but this requires approval by the DM if you take up too much of the DM's time with approval the answer is NO.
- Prior approval is required of all munchikin, powergame loving combos and the DM may nerf you on the spot and hit you with a very large nerf bat.
->Non-Standard Ability Score Point Buy: 80 starting points,No stat may be higher than 18 and one stat must be an 8 or lower. For ability scores 14 or lower you buy points on a 1 for 1 basis (a stat of 14 costs a total of 14 points). 15 or higher goes by the following chart.
15 costs a total of 16 points
16 costs a total of 18 points
17 costs a total of 21 points
18 costs a total of 24 points
Additional stat points will come from the standard level gains, racial gains, and magical items.

- standard starting wealth for a 6 level pc to buy equipment (wealth by level DMG). No more then 25% in one item. No more than 25% in one-use items (potions/scrolls).

- If you're going to play a druid, or summon critters - please have everything ready for the summoned creatures/ shapechange prior to the game. (ie have your own monster mannual and have it bookmarked.) anything not in the MM must be approved.

- Usable deities are all Forgotten Realms dieties.
- Alighnment: any non evil, PC vs PC combat results in instigator's character death and ejection of player from game.


Hi all!

I've updated the first post in the thread in order to reflect all the games of which I am now aware (and that I have enough info on to begin signups). Signups start NOW.

griff_goodbeard is the only person who has specified an event, and I'll be putting him in the first slot in BBR's game directly.

Iamthetest - please let me know fi you still want to run a game - we have the space! All I need is a brief synopsis, or just a simple breakdown of what'll be going on (like what you see above).

Qwillion - did you mean to combine the Here There Be Monsters stuff with your game? I wasn't sure if you wanted to run a game and also have some HTBM fun as well or not.

GMs: if you wish to change your game listing (or heck, even your game!) let me know and I will change it ASAP!

See you on Gameday!
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Working on a summary for you, it will be an HTBM game: the Monster Hunter's guild is recruiting an andventuring company to take a # of jobs seeking out speaking too, capturing and/or killing monsters never seen before.

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