Ohio Gameday - Feb 24, 2007 - Fun was had by one and all!

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Be Careful Hunting Monsters,

-Something strange is happening to women who are with child, the local midwife has demanded the monster hunters guild capture the vile fey stealing the unborn children, and force it to return them.

- Six sages were discovered catatonic or dead, rumors abound but one sage, who has recovered though divine healing, wrangled a peculiar contract from the monster hunter’s guild: Seek out the beautiful one who did this too her, before it “steals the knowledge of the world.”

-A lone wolf killed an entire company of the monster guild; the guild has offered the largest bounty in its history for the Ust-Krava’s pelt.

-A brutish monster is challenging all comers to unarmed combat, unless they defeat him they cannot cross Shadowgap Bridge, those who have attacked him with weapons have all ended dead. The Merchant’s Guild is offering an exorbitant sum to the guild if they can reopen trade.

Be Careful Hunting Monsters, lets you choose the path you wish to take, it is a collection of quick-play adventures for 4-6 players of 6th – 10th level. Each allows you to encounter a never seen before monster. A free pdf copy of the first in the Here There Be Monsters series will be emailed to every player, a free subscription will be awarded to one player.

Ohio game day will be giving away a free subscription and/or a print copy of Here There Be Monsters: Veiled Denizens to two lucky attendees.


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Sign me up for the overpowered extravaganza. I've never played a 20th level character, and I've never played a gestalt character. Should be fun.

El Skootro


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Plenty of room for more games. There's room for up to about 6 or 7 games at a time. I really doubt we'll have that much, but there's still plenty of room for all time slots. (Although I would like it very much if you ran the M&M in the afternoon or evening so I can play. I've already committed to a morning game)

You just need to post a synopsis and a time preference so Enkhidu can slot you up.


I'll come up with a synopsis for the adventure and submit later this week (maybe tomorrow). It will most likely be in the afternoon anyway since I am coming from Columbus and don't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn.


EDIT: ... and here we are!

Table X - Triumph in High Orbit
GM: Insight
System: Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition
Synopsis: The new orbital space station, Triumph, has somehow come under control of the evil supervillain organization known as Shadow-13. Your heroes must first find Shadow-13’s terrestrial headquarters, then travel to Space Station Triumph and drive out the villains.

Up to 6 heroes will be provided. No pre-gen characters please!

Afternoon slot, please.
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Yer in the M&M game.

The morning dwarf game currently has fewer players, but I'm going to wait until it begins to fill up before I plop you in a seat. That way we'll get a better feel for what the balance will be like.

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