D&D 5E Ok I have to ask..... what's with the Paladin hate on here?


Yep, with the impossibility to have one day on D&D forums without any attempt at a ''1/2 arcane caster'', I wish they only created one class with 1/2 spellcasting and gave them access to different spells list to create the desired flavor. Call it Magus or Eldritch Knight, Smites are now called Imbue Blade.
Half-caster with cleric spell list and + saves aura = Paladin
Half-caster with druid spell list + Gardian soul = Warden from 4e
Half-caster with arcane spell list + aegis ala stone sorcerer UA = Swordmage

I dont think there's enough difference between all the oaths to justify different subclasses within the paladin itself.

I like it. I particularly like the arcane spells or swordmage which is probably why I always play hexblades.

Nevertheless I would like paladin to MEAN something or to have alignment matter...but whatever.

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Superman's weaknesses-

1. Lois Lane. Obviously
2. Kryptonite. Also obviously
3. Slow compared to Flash. Isn't everybody though?
4. Plot induced stupidity. There is no defense against the writers.

Did I miss any?

Paladin's weaknesses-

1. Too smitey? Is that a thing?
2. Not the greatest ranged attacks. Need to attach smites to arrows! haha
3. Usually stoopid with a dumped Int score. I guess this is most characters though.
4. DM induced stupidity? There is no defense against the DM.

Did I miss any?

red sun and magic


First Post
red sun and magic
His chief weakness is kryptonite. Kryptonite and red suns...red suns and kryptonite
His two weaknesses are kryptonite, red suns and magic...
His three weaknesses are kryptonite, red suns, magic and Lois Lane...
Amongst his weaknesses... I'll come back in.


Have any of you seen or designed or heard of Paladin Codes of Conduct or similar for alignments other than LG? For LG it's easy to base such a thing on the medieval Code of Chivalry, but for other alignments...???


I made a Lawful Evil Paladin that follows the Oath of Conquest. Though I have yet to play it, waiting for my cleric to get killed. :)


Dusty Dragon
You know... why isn't the paladin a fighter subclass? The Eldritch Knight is one (for arcane) have the paladin be one too, but for divine magic. I would probably limit smiting to one per round, or once per action (to avoid an action surge multi-attack hypernova), and the somewhat lower number of spell slots would also limit the power of smiting, by being a 1/3 caster instead of 1/2.

That would be balanced.

You know... why isn't the paladin a fighter subclass? The Eldritch Knight is one (for arcane) have the paladin be one too, but for divine magic.
For the exact same reason that the druid is not just a cleric subclass, even though it fits more correctly there - it was a core class in 3E, and they didn't want to risk offending their target demographic.
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