Old Gods of Appalachia

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Randy J Mull

I'm currently in Helen, GA, unable to sleep due to an ancient entity growling from the other side of my hotel room, taking the shape of a withered woman crowned in laurels.

And in those brief moments where the slouching crone ceases her lamentable moans, even then I cannot rest . . . because my mom pees five times a night and she grumbles and curses the whole way to the bathroom and back.

Seriously, this is supposed to be a vacation, but I've gotten only two hours of sleep. I feel trapped in my hotel room, unable to muster the strength to go outside and push my mom in her wheelchair about the seemingly quaint town, but also unable to rid myself of this maternal burden so I can try to slumber.

I fear my only choice is madness.
Helen is a beautiful town, I miss living close enough to visit when I want to.


Small God of the Dozens
A quick google lists 12 Appalachian states (based on who knows what criteria) including New York. Should we be up in arms about he Empire State as well? IĎK. Perhaps the issue is being overthought.

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