Old Story Hour Downloads: Where?


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Hello good folks of EnWorld. I was looking for the old word file downlaod of Piratecat's Defenders of Daybreak story hour (Eversink chronicles) which I read and enjoyed some years ago and would like to again. Unfortunately I can't find any of the collected story hour downloads on this site anymore. Has this become paid content? Is there an archive from which I can retrieve the old story hour(s) (other than on the site as I will have long stretches without internet access).

Thank you!

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First Post
Thank you. Unfortunately I already checked the site which does not have the word version anymore and the download links from the Story Hour no longer point to the word document.

On the plus (?) side this did cause me to start re-reading Piratecats' campaign log for the umpteenth time.

Say... you could copy/paste each webpage into Word. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would work.

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