Old timers?

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Writer of The Bitter Reach
I read Eric Noah's 3rd Edition News a lot before I registered in 2002. I was more active during the 3e era than today, but I still read a lot of discussions with great interest.

I have kept the same user picture all these years ... but today in real life the hair is short and the beard is grey.

I think I came on at around 2005, so not quite that early. Had a break off here for a few years, then came back after the official D&D forums were shut down.

Edited to Add: I just remembered that back then I went by the username Jyrdan Fairblade, rather than my current one. Both are references to some of my earliest characters.
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Been around on this account since 2008. Pretty sure I had a different account before, but can't remember when I created that one. I've never been much of a forum poster, though.


I have been around for a long time. It's funny this comes up now, because I was recently going through my old miniatures and models thread. I started the thread in 2003 and occasionally updated it through 2017. It had a lot of broken image links, but I was hoping some of my tutorials were still intact - they weren't - my fault, not ENWorld's.

However, looking over the thread I saw a lot of old posters who rarely come around anymore.
Destan, D'karr, alsih2o, Ed Cha, Scorch, ledded, Holy Bovine, kengar, Old One, ConnorSB, jgbrowning, nyrfherdr, WizarDru, Teflon Billy, Breakstone, Blackdirge, frankthedm, Cthulhu's Librarian, The MadHatter, Wulf Ratbane, ButterCup, and Mike Merles and Monty Cook stopped by to comment on the terrain and miniatures. There are many more and I do keep in touch with lots of these folks in other mediums.

While I am partial to my old threads - I really miss when the Storyhour forum was crazy busy. I know streaming has pretty much replaced these, but I like the older style format.

I also miss the amount of game designers who were on ENWorld regularly interacting with us.

I semi-disappeared a while during 4e, but I have always come back.


Jun 4, 2002

I was a reader on the cusp of 3e being released (the leaks and speculation are what brought me here), however didn't official engage in discussion (i.e. create an account) until a bit later. I was a pretty heavy reader back in the 3e era. I fondly remember when ENWorld needed new hardware and had a fundraising rally, it really opened my eyes to the awesomeness that later became a fairly standard crowdfunding model.

I trailed off in interest the second half of 4e, eventually quitting D&D for the Essentials era. Jumped back in with the playtest and release of 5e.

I have found myself starting to draw away again as we get close to the 5 year anniversary of 5e. The design decision to avoid crunchy supplements in favor of adventure paths and campaign settings has gotten to me over the past year as I slowly have come to realize we aren't going back to the days of crunchy books like we have had in the past.

I have had a little bit of an uptick on posting interest recently trying to keep myself engaged and interested in 5e, because that's what my group seems to want to play, but I think if this dies out I may be back out of the D&D crowd and off the boards again until something else D&D comes along (and something that is more crunchy).

I have found myself increasingly frustrated at the course of a lot of the threads I try to engage in here in the past year. It's nothing to do with the board itself or the hosts (I've never had an issue with the mods or Morrus' decisions), but instead the general trend of every thread ending in some sort of argument over some minutiae or obscure point. Maybe its rose colored glasses, maybe its just me being old and crabby, or maybe its something external, but to me ENWorld used to be a fairly friendly place that usually only had strife in edition war threads. Now it seems like every statement you might make has to be upheld with a Supreme Court level dissertation of a defense as people try to "win" discussions of opinion.

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