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Old timers?

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Writer for CY_BORG, Forbidden Lands and Dragonbane
I read Eric Noah's 3rd Edition News a lot before I registered in 2002. I was more active during the 3e era than today, but I still read a lot of discussions with great interest.

I have kept the same user picture all these years ... but today in real life the hair is short and the beard is grey.

I think I came on at around 2005, so not quite that early. Had a break off here for a few years, then came back after the official D&D forums were shut down.

Edited to Add: I just remembered that back then I went by the username Jyrdan Fairblade, rather than my current one. Both are references to some of my earliest characters.
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Galactic Artificer
Been around on this account since 2008. Pretty sure I had a different account before, but can't remember when I created that one. I've never been much of a forum poster, though.

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