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Pathfinder 1E On Line character builder Pathfinder 1e?


I find myself getting into another group and want to use digital tools more.
I googled character builders but need feed back from people that use it.

I need something that everyone in the group can sign into to make characters and have the capabilities to level up characters easily that only give options available to them, including spells,feats,skills, etc...

What character builder does all that for Pathfinder 1e?

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Yeah it's HeroLab if you're looking for PF1 character builders but there is ten years worth of material to gather and it's done per-book, or in bundles of books so it is ... not free.

For managing an in-person game Combat Manager is a lifesaver and it's free but it doesn't cover building characters.


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I use Pathbuilder on my android phone for most character builds. If you have an android emulator you can extend that to desktop.
It's free with an option to disable ads (small banner at the bottom of the screen).
You can enable and disable rulebook sources which makes it easy for GMs, and it shows you what you are qualified to take for feats/etc. It also shows the feats you aren't qualified for in red at the bottom of the list.
If you need more information(or rules source) on any game element, there is an information link that takes you to aonprd or d20pfsrd.
It's a little less step-by-step character building and more like a whole category at once. But you can swap between all the tabs at any time and change anything. For example:
Tab 1 has ability scores/traits/race stuff.
Tab 2 is where you decide what classes(and archetypes) you have 1-20
Tab 3 is the class features of those classes 1-20
Tab 4 is feats 1-20
You can export/summary by level if you want but I mostly use it for theorycrafting.
I think there is a way to share builds online but I don't use that aspect.

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