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Release On Sale Now: Survive – Tundra and Lady Death


Two brand new PDFs are available for Party First, the game of alt-history 80s cosmic horror.

Party First: Survive – Tundra expands the depth of the TWILIGHT WORLD with the addition of new rules and history to make your games all the more rich.
The stark landscape of the Rus’ tundra covers much of the Tsibernian region. Here in this treeless land of near permafrost, there exists only two seasons – and the winter is long and dark indeed.

New entries include:
  • Failure/Success Difference rules and tracker
  • New Conflicts: including climbing, falling, starving, and more.
  • New Tension Tables: including the brand new concept of Narrative tables.
  • New Adversaries: Twelve new adversaries including laeshy and introducing the new animal type.
  • New Class: The Shaman protects the old traditions and strives to live in harmony with the unforgiving landscape.
  • Encounters: Three short adventure snippets that could be used to flesh out larger campaigns.
  • Items: Ever wish for more detailed information on various tools your characters might utilize?

Party First: Lady Death is the second new adventure for the Party First roleplaying game and the TWILIGHT WORLD as a whole.
The bleak winter of the Tsibernian wilderness is known by local shamans as Lady Death. The Cross Tsibernian Rail System that cuts across the landscape is one of the few vital lifelinks to the rest of the world, but what do you do when the train screeches to a halt in this unforgiving hinterland?

Lady Death is the first adventure written to utilize several of the new rules systems in Survive: Tundra, but may optionally be played with only the core rule book.

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