One D&D Bastions modeled off Eberrons Oracle of War Salvage Bases?


I crit!
The Oracle of War AL season had a thing called missions and more importantly Salvage Bases.

These were bases the players could build during downtime for their expeditions into the mournlands.

I wonder if this is a model for Bastions? Could it be a bit of a sneak peak on what they are planning? I have the book somewhere but "archived" and I'll look for it, it's late now and just wanted to post this before I forgot.

Unfortunately the book is no longer available on DMS guild, except in the Oracle of War bundle (affiliate link), which is on sale now for $65 from $150.
Note, I'm not 100% positive it's in the bundle.

Mike Shea used it to build the following however. See his article on Running games in Eberron.

I just used the Oracle of War Salvage Bases and Missions book by M. T. Black, Will Doyle, James Introcaso, and Ginny Loveday to build a two-paragraph AL legal #dnd adventure that I totally want to run. I love this new style of AL play!

Sly Salvage Mission.png

Sly Salvage Mission map.jpeg

Which is really cool.

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