OneDnD One D&D Permanently Removes The Term 'Race'

In line with many other tabletop roleplaying games, such as Pathfinder or Level Up, One D&D is removing the term 'race'. Where Pathfinder uses 'Ancestry' and Level Up uses 'Heritage', One D&D will be using 'Species'.

In a blog post, WotC announced that "We have made the decision to move on from using the term "race" everywhere in One D&D, and we do not intend to return to that term."
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


About time. Even OSR folks like me have started removing it. This from Chromatic Dungeons:


Snarf Zagyg

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Excellent. Most excellent.

Though I'd prefer Lineage as that's already in the game (Custom Lineage in Tasha's, Dark Lineage in Van Richten's).

My understanding is that lineage is different than race/species.

In other words, you can have a lineage (like a dhampir) that was of different races/species. It's kind of confusing in its implementation, but it's supposed to be a slightly different concept. IIRC.


I'm good with moving on from the term 'Race'. Doesn't bother me.

Funny part though is that I think the game could actually have two different new terms for this... based upon the two different types of "race" there are in the game. The completely different "species" (like Humans to Dwarves to Elves to Orcs)... and "lineages" (which are species that have bloodlines from other peoples in their ancestry that have made its way down through the generations-- like Tieflings, Genasi, Shifters, Aasimar, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs and the like.)

Of course the reason they wouldn't do this would be the confusion of using two different terms for the same character generation thing-- like how would you identify the chapter header for instance... and you would always have to try and remember the correct term of the two every time one got mentioned in any of the books. More trouble than its worth... even if it's more "correct" per se.


Glad to see it.

There are species that are fully compatible but separated by geography, so this is fine linguistically, even if it's a bit of an awkward word.


I'm happy to see 'race' gone.

I have rather more mixed feelings about 'species' - it doesn't feel right for a fantasy game (too sci-fi), but then I wasn't really happy with any of the alternatives. That may be part of why 'race' lasted so long. Anyway, it's not a big deal.


I dislike the term species as this could imply the biological species concept as members of a population that can potentially interbreed. Where does this leave half-orcs, half elves etc? Its too loaded a term to be of use for the game as is race. My preference is ancestry
Ancestry was taken.


Doing the best imitation of myself
I think the removal of the race term is something that's been expected for a long time. I think the term species is a poor choice for a fantasy game, and the scientist in me says "okay, so that means there are no half elves any more?"

I think there are a lot better alternatives (Ancestry or Kin come immediately to mind, I'm sure there are many others) but from the things I have a mind to argue on, it doesn't make the list. I do think think the specific choice will be jarring as there are better options for a fantasy based rpg.

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