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One Page Adventure: Croaking Sirocco

This is the second in this series of One Page Adventures for D&D. The limits are simple: everything has to be on one single page, one side, of A4/letter-size paper. This one involves a desert, warring tribes of bullywugs, and some magical talismans, and is called Croaking Sirocco, based on an adventure by Kyle Carty.


The first One Page Adventure was The Business of Emotion, which I posted a week or so ago. Upcoming I have a bonus Christmas-themed one called Presents for Goblins (which I'll give to everybody who backs my Patreon before then), and one with undead dinosaurs. These (at least these first ones) are based on adventures originally commissioned for EN5ider.

If you like these, please do check out my Patreon for more, where you can also get them as PDFs.
Russ Morrissey



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