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[Online] [$15] [Sundays 12pm EST] Trail of Cthulhu: Arkham Detective


First Post

Alchemy VTT (newish, ambiance-focused VTT), Discord

What?: Trail of Cthulhu, a GUMSHOE game of mystery and horror. Now with free condensed rules!

When?: Thursday 12pm EST

Genre: 1930s + Detective + Damnation

Who?: 3-4 players. We have 1 player already!

How much?: $15 per player per session. The first session is free!

Short pitch:

Trail of Cthulhu brings the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos into the GUMSHOE investigative ruleset: you are assumed to be competent, and you will always succeed at finding the clue. That won’t save you from the Deep Ones slithering from the black waters onto your boat though. Or from betraying the wrong party as the race for the forbidden artifact concludes.

We will be using the Arkham Detective Tales adventure book to begin with, and the free Condensed Rules if you don’t have the Player’s Guide. I will also add some of the more popular later rules additions to the GUMSHOE rules. I also have four pregen characters!

Expect a game of mystery, fear, discovery, and your own mortal frailty. This is not a game of heroic combat, much less amusing notions of victory! At best, delaying the inevitable is the only satisfaction you will have at the end of the soul-wrecking adventure.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm 37. Been playing for 21 years, GMing for 11. Succesfully finished several mid-length campaigns. I'm not very good at talking about myself, so I'll keep this short. I'm a historian/geopolitician, and a published fiction writer. I love running games.

Come see me here:


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